There comes a time when we should question the value of the United Nations.

It certainly was also useless to the people of Rwanda in the mid ‘90s when the genocidal murder of 800,000 citizens were slashed to death with machetes under the watchful eye of the UN, who abandoned citizens knowing they were doomed to die. Numerous other conflicts and atrocities around the world have rendered the UN utterly impotent.

Matter of fact, I can’t think of any nation that it’s useful to, other than our potential enemies and those that hate us in general. The more we watch the doings of the United Nations, the more it seems like an anti-American orgy.

Then again, that seems to be in vogue these days, beating up America as though we’re the bad guys. For those who revel in denigrating the United States as evil, take note that our country is the most generous in the world in terms of providing emergency relief and foreign aid. No other country comes close. I guess we’re pretty bad. Countries that denigrate and hate us never hesitate to have their hand out, happily accepting all that the American taxpayer can deliver, then stab us in the back.

We send assistance to at least 154 countries in the world to the tune of multi-multi-billions of our tax dollars. As of 2008, (the most recent figures available) here are the top 15 recipients:

Israel – $2.8 billion

Afghan. – 1.9 billion

Egypt – 1.7 billion

Jordan – 938 million

Pakistan – 738 million

Iraq – 605 million

Kenya – 599 million

S. Africa – 574 million

Colombia – 541 million

Nigeria – 486 million

Ethiopia – 455 million

Georgia – 429 million

Gaza/W.Bank 407 million

Mexico – 403 million

Sudan – 392 million

If you notice, five of the top six nations to whom we pay off are Islamic countries who generally side against the U.S. in most issues that come before a vote in the UN. These are many of the same countries who export jihad and shout “Death to America” in their streets. Look a little further, and there is also Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya and Gaza/West Bank in the top fifteen, where haters of America teach their children we are the great Satan.

The monies that we send to Jordan and Egypt amount to nothing less than diplomatic bribery. During the “peace talks” in which accords were reached under President Carter, we have been paying through the proverbial nose to keep those nations on our side by not attacking Israel. Perhaps if we upped the ante to Hamas in the Gaza strip, they might amend their charter and accept Israel’s right to exist. (I wouldn’t bet on it). But it’s all about the money. To the exclusion of every other needy nation in South America, American taxpayers pony up $541 million a year to keep Colombia on our side during the War on Drugs.

In the 2003-2004 session of the UN, Jordan voted against U.S. interests 88 percent of the time. So much for diplomatic bribery. Egypt? 86 percent anti-U.S. Arab countries, in general, vote as a block against the U.S. an average of 87 percent of the time.

So, what are we doing there?

Well, lately it’s become a forum for the president of the world, uh…I mean, the United States to vent his global scheme while casting aspersions against our own people. Recently, Mr. Obama had the audacity of submitting a report criticizing our own state of Arizona’s new law before the Human Rights Commission of the UN, as though it’s the business of other nations to pass judgement on domestic laws passed inside our own country. Bear in mind, that the Human Rights Commission who would be evaluating the president’s report, include countries like Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Lybia and Nigeria. That’s like sharing family problems to a panel of child molesters.

Then there’s the cost. The United States bears 22 percent of the roughly $2.1 billion of operating costs a year, not to mention maintaining the host complex. Japan is second with 16.6 percent, then far behind are countries like Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Spain China and Mexico all between two and six percent. Notice, the nations that vote against the U.S. constantly are off the bottom end in contributions.

Then there’s the undercurrent of skullduggery. No other nation has to worry about spies and double agents that manage unlimited visits into our country to, and granted with diplomatic immunity besides. Top level ambassadors and their staffs have been known to commit crimes in the United States without being prosecuted.

So are we nuts? Are we supposed to constantly turn the other cheek and say, “come on…beat us up, we will still pay and pay. The American taxpayer can afford it.” If ever there was a program where we do not get a bang for our buck, it’s the UN.

Are we supposed to admire the way the UN has applauded terrorists like Arafat and Gadhafi? Are we supposed to feel good about a tyrant like Iran’s President Ahmadinejad receiving applause before and after a speech denigrating the U.S? This, from a man who swears to destroy Israel, who finances Hamas and Hezbollah, who everyone suspects is lying about developing nuke bombs? Are we supposed to feel warm and happy when people throughout Africa are slaughtered at the hands of government, a la Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe? And how well did the UN manage the Oil for Food program in Iraq which saw $46 billion vanish, probably into the pockets of corrupt politicians. Are we supposed to feel good about the onslaught of sanctions against Israel at the whim of the 57 nation Islamic bloc, where no condemnation is heard about thousands of rockets fired upon Israel by Palestinians yet Israel is condemned if and when they ever respond to defend their country.

When is enough, enough?

One solution: Withdraw from the UN and close shop in New York City. Move the UN to Haiti who could use a boost to their economy and bring that impoverished nation out of the bottom of the economic barrel. If the U.S. remains, we should cut back our financial commitment to the UN in half, and let burgeoning economic powerhouses like India and China pay their fair share. For certain, we need to make a significant change and send a message to the rest of the world: We are not the going to be the host for a planet of parasites.

We have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

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