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I don’t post these articles because I’m a Christian. I’m not a Christian. But I am a lover of Christians in general, my kids are all Christians. I see Christians doing good and generous things for millions of downtrodden all over the world, no matter their religion. Christian ministries feed the poor and hungry and provide medical aid to women and children all over Africa, Asia and South America. I don’t see the Muslims doing that for anyone other than Muslims.

Sure, some Christian ministries proselytize, but so what. They are helping the disadvantaged, rather than sitting by and doing nothing. They are there out there – by the thousands — at their own sacrifice to feed and care for suffering.  

I am also a lover of Jews and Agnostics, Atheists, Buddhists and Hindu, or any group of people who are content to practice their faith in freedom without imposing dogma upon others, and with respect for the faiths of others. It’s not about tolerance. It’s about respect.

“Tolerance” pertains to putting up with what you don’t like. We tolerate traffic jams and rude people. “Respect,” in contrast, refers to showing honor and esteem.A good friend told me that Muslims were “the salt of the earth.” I wish I could feel the same, but I’m hard pressed. All I see around the world from the Islamic faith is dogma. In countries where the numbers become the majority, it is more than dogma, it is intimidation, fear and often times, violence against non-Muslims. Wherever the Muslim numbers become the majority, the radical fringes become more emboldened and non-Muslims become more and more subjugated. That’s supported in all the history books.

 Thus, we are now in a position to “tolerate” Islam, because…like a traffic jam, we might not have a choice as they grow into more significant population numbers in the U.S. But it doesn’t mean I have to respect them, any more than they respect me.The Imams of Islam demand “tolerance.”  But the track record for practicing what they preach is pretty dismal. They claim they are a religion of peace, but that track record is equally as dismal. So, permit my cynicism.

When I see thousands of Muslim groups traveling to India, to feed the Hindu, or to Zimbabwe to feed heal the Christians, and the level of fear and threats of violence comes to a halt around the world, I’ll start seeing Islam in a different light. Until then, I make no apologies for my absence of respect.

A Christian reader send me these links as a sample of recent Islamic tolerance around the world. Worth checking them out. This is a short log during a three-week period this summer, July 29 to Aug 19:

A dozen masked men shot five Christians to death as they came out of their church building.

Morocco (Hat tip to JihadWatch)
The Morocco king says that Evangelical Christians must stop preaching or get out of the country.

August 2, 2010

Two Christian families suffer extortion and beatings.August 6, 2010
Officials stop a church from being built and build a mosque instead.August 7, 2010

Eight foreigners and two Afghans of the International Assistance Mission (IAM), a Christian charitable organization providing aid and medical assistance to the Afghan people were killed by the Taliban. Details HERE. August 8, 2010

In the latest jihad attacks on religious minorities in West Java, 300 Islamic hard-liners intimidated, bullied and assaulted a priest and 20 Christian churchgoers praying in a field on Sunday morning.August 9, 2010

Somalia (hat tip to JihadWatch)
A Somali militant group with links to al-Qaida on Monday announced it had banned three Christian aid agencies.August 10, 2010

Christians can’t have Bibles or religious literature in this Muslim country.August 11, 2010

Saudi Arabia
Al Qaeda says kill the Christians and Jews.

More closures of non-Muslim religious clubs in Malaysian schools, including Christian fellowships, have surfaced.August 12 2010

Christians observed a ‘Black Day’ of protest yesterday to mark the many discriminations they endure, above all the blasphemy law, which continues to inflict suffering on its victims.August 13, 2010

Indonesia (Hat tip to JihadWatch)
Mob threats lead to church closure. Update HERE.

Algeria (Hat tip to JihadWatch)
A group of Christian and Muslims from Algeria, Morocco and Italy are planning a pilgrimage in the footsteps of St. Augustine. One of their intentions is that “Muslims who have heard the call of the Lord Jesus should not be prohibited from entering the Church.” This refers to some episodes in France and Algeria, where many Muslims who wanted to be baptized, have been impeded by priests and bishops, fearful of the consequences and overly precautious.

Two Muslim youths are sentenced to five years in prison for an arson attack on a Christian church. August 14, 2010

An imam called for jihad against the Copts, and over the next two days, many Copts were assaulted.August 16, 2010

Rapes of Christian girls reflect a hidden trend as they are commonplace but rarely reported.

Shia-controlled Al-Manar and NBN networks pull Iranian series based on an apocryphal story about Jesus in which Judas dies in his place.Nigeria (Hat tip to Jihad Watch)
Muslim students of the University of Ibadan this morning paralysed activities during a protest against the institution’s refusal to expel a part four law student who preached gospel in the school mosque.

The tiny Christian population is regularly persecuted by Islamic extremists so they are asking Christians worldwide to pray for their safety during Islam’s holy month of Ramadan.

The country that is home to the world’s largest Muslim population celebrated its 65th Independence Day today amid a widespread sense of distrust in the government’s ability to check attacks on churches by Islamist groups.August 19, 2010

August 17, 2010

The head of the Coptic Church in Egypt has warned followers that the police in the country are wiretapping their calls and said they should not confess sins over the phone.

Christian university students have been denied the right to worship, while on another part of the island, a Christian leader has been jailed.

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In 2007, Muslims in Gaza went on a rampage against Christians destroying crosses and burning Bibles. There are 2.2 billion Christians in the world. Those who knew about it were certainly offended. Yet, the world of Christianity did not whoop and holler like screaming jungle monkeys threatening to riot and kill innocent people.

Click here: Christians in Gaza Fear for Their Lives

Approximately 10,000 Christians were killed by Muslims in Indonesia — that “moderate” Islamic country — between 1998 and 2003, and about 1,000 churches were burned down — including their Bibles — all for no other reason but that they were Christian. It barely made the newspapers. Christians were appalled. Yet, the world was not held hostage by threats of violence against Muslims.

Click here: Christians face jail for giving treats

In 1987, an eccentric artist of questionable character dunked a crucifix complete with the image of Christ, into a jar of urine and took a picture for all to see and admire. Christians everywhere were aghast. I don’t remember that artist being subjected to pleas by national leaders to refrain, because Christians would erupt into violence.

Click here: Piss Christ – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 2006, an Italian nun in Somalia was shot in the back numerous times by an Islamic gunman, along with her bodyguard (why a bodyguard?) and another person. All for being an active Christian.

Click here: Michelle Malkin » Italian nun killed;

In 2005, artists in Denmark created cartoon pictures depicting the prophet Muhammed. Not smart, perhaps. Not respectful, perhaps. But, artistic? Yes. Did the publication have a right of free speech and expression? Yes. Meanwhile, Muslims broke out in riots all over the world, killing Christians in Nigeria and burning flags, desecrating embassies. A Pakistani put out a $10,000 reward for anyone who will kill one of the artists. The entire world of Islam went into an uproar scaring the heck out of non-Muslims globally and threatening any governments who did not denounce. It was an international crisis. Check the time line:

Click here: Timeline of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 2004, Dutchman Theo Van Gogh produced an eleven minute documentary movie, “Submission,” depicting the lives of women in strict Islamic countries. He was murdered in retribution by an Islamic gunman in the streets of Amsterdam, shot multiple times and then stabbed and partially decapitated. The screenplay was written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born apostate who had to go into hiding after receiving death threats.

 In 2002, Islamic terrorists holed up in Bethlehem’s Church of Nativity reportedly used the bible for toilet paper. Hello?

Click here: Palestinians used Bible

By now you get the point.

 Then comes Pastor Terry Jones. In the week prior to the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on America, the eccentric preacher of questionable mentality announced that he was going to burn copies of the Koran on his property. Most anyone with a civil mind thought that was a very dumb idea.

What happened in the wake of Pastor Jones’ announcement was a calamity of humongous proportions. One would think that the Pope was about to be raped, or that Iran had announced the delivery of an atom bomb on Israel. It set off a firestorm of fear and intimidation.

The media went frenzy. Muslims throughout the world, and in the United States warned of the violence and insurgency that would follow, not only in Afghanistan, but virtually everywhere, all because Muslims would be offended. Politicians, clergy leaders and citizens in general begged and pleaded with this insignificant figure who led a small church of less than fifty congregants in Gainsville, Florida. The State Department put out a travel alert warning to American citizens abroad.

All because, the world is scared to death of the religion of peace. All because, the world is held hostage to the religion of peace. All because freedom of speech and expression is forbidden — defacto — to express displeasure or to criticize the religion of peace.

If the religion of peace were truly peaceful, they would have laughed at Preacher Jones and dismissed him as the radical nutball that he is. They would have briefly stated their objections, then turned their attentions to more important matters and ignored him. They would not have made it a colossal media event. By doing so, they would have shown us all — the world of non-Muslims — that Islam, in fact, really is a religion of peace.

But they failed.

And Preacher Jones, the nutball from Gainsville, after cancelling the event, said on NBC’s Today Show, “I accomplished the mission.”

Maybe the preacher wasn’t such a nutball after all.

Click here: Theo van Gogh (film director) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Liberals. Conservatives. Libertarians. Atheists. Christians, Jews.  Information is this article cannot be ignored.

Merciful, compassionate, love, tolerance. These are the terms espoused by the media about Islam, that it was merely hijacked by a small group of radicals. They are the terms peppered to “non-believers’ when anyone even suggests that Islam is a different religion behind closed doors than it is in the public eye. It is, in fact, a two-headed religion, one of peace, the other of barbarism. Unfortunately, both heads are attached to the same body.

With a little luck, Islamic radicals will be dumb enough to allow some of their diabolical rhetoric to be caught on video. That’s what happened at a rally held at a mosque in Orlando, Florida (a “moderate” mosque, of course) in June of 2009, where they held a fund raiser allegedly for charity. The gathering was infiltrated and videoed by a special investigative unit, and released one year later by federal and state authorities.

Included among the gathering were several “moderate” Islamists, plus a pro-Hamas, pro-Islamist MP from the UK. The participants and speakers became so passionate, they disregarded any cameras rolling and let the proverbial cat out of the bag. The mosque is clearly a front for raising terrorist money for Hamas. That’s not an opinion. The video is unambiguous.

The 13 minute video is powerful, with many components, worth the time. The first 3:15 minutes is important investigative data. Then the first speaker filmed is Abdul Rahman Alamoudi…a well known “moderate” Islamist, before he went to jail for funneling money to terror organizations. More about him later. Then, it gets really heated. Note at 5:20, how they declare all the checks that are written for Hamas, are going to 501 © (3) organizations and are Tax Deductible. Watch MP George Galloway at 5:53 and further, then the praises for Barack Obama from 8:05, then 9:18. “If not under Barack Obama, then when?” Watch at 10:40 when the imam announces that the donations are not really charity, but “keep your receipts.” Then, at 11:55, then results of the fund raising for charity. At 12:45, a letter from a Democratic Congressman demanding that the Attorney General investigate. (Don’t hold your breath) Then Imam Musri, of the Orlando Mosque telling all Muslims that Zakat (donations) are the obligation of every believer. In fact, a good portion of those funds go towards weapons and terror activities under the guise of “military needs.”

Please, watch:

Click here: Captured on Video: Fundraising for Hamas in U.S. Mosque

Alamoudi is the founder of the American Muslim Council (AMC) a supposed lobbying group but in truth, another off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood who is dedicated to the Islamization of all non-Muslim nations on earth. Alamoudi hob-nobbed within the inner circles of the government, touted as a “moderate” by G.W. Bush, welcomed to the White House, spoke at the National Cathedral in D.S. after 9/11. He was sentenced to 23 years in 2004 for supporting terrorism. Alamoudi is one example of the thousands that are covertly working as enemies of the United States applying Taqiyya, (deceit) in the war against our freedom.

This video is valuable, unveiling the true nature of radical Islam and how it portrays itself as “peaceful and moderate” to the fools of this country who see what they want to see, and refuse to see what’s in front of their face. It begs the question, how many other “peaceful and moderate” mosques in the U.S. are actually fronts for radicalism behind closed doors, and agents for stealth jihad…intent of bringing our nation toward Islam, inch by inch, until the caliphate is formed before the end of this century.

Do we care about our grandchildren’s lives? Are we going to continue to deny the obvious?

In the same light, read this short report by reporter, Laura Mansfield who exposed the hypocrisy of another mosque in a southern state in 2005.

Click here: Muslim Jihad Comes To Small Town, USA

As a side note, Imam Musri has been an ally with Governor Charlie Crist, appointed by Crist to two Florida faith-based councils and committees. Florida voters, take notice…and follow the story.

Click here: Charlie Crist adviser raised funds for Hamas

We are our own worst enemies. For if we cannot, or will not, identify the enemy, they will surely win. And the do-gooders with heads in the sand are their unsuspecting allies.

It’s selfish only care only about the moment, and not care about the future of America.

Two heads. One body.

Wake up.