Liberals. Conservatives. Libertarians. Atheists. Christians, Jews.  Information is this article cannot be ignored.

Merciful, compassionate, love, tolerance. These are the terms espoused by the media about Islam, that it was merely hijacked by a small group of radicals. They are the terms peppered to “non-believers’ when anyone even suggests that Islam is a different religion behind closed doors than it is in the public eye. It is, in fact, a two-headed religion, one of peace, the other of barbarism. Unfortunately, both heads are attached to the same body.

With a little luck, Islamic radicals will be dumb enough to allow some of their diabolical rhetoric to be caught on video. That’s what happened at a rally held at a mosque in Orlando, Florida (a “moderate” mosque, of course) in June of 2009, where they held a fund raiser allegedly for charity. The gathering was infiltrated and videoed by a special investigative unit, and released one year later by federal and state authorities.

Included among the gathering were several “moderate” Islamists, plus a pro-Hamas, pro-Islamist MP from the UK. The participants and speakers became so passionate, they disregarded any cameras rolling and let the proverbial cat out of the bag. The mosque is clearly a front for raising terrorist money for Hamas. That’s not an opinion. The video is unambiguous.

The 13 minute video is powerful, with many components, worth the time. The first 3:15 minutes is important investigative data. Then the first speaker filmed is Abdul Rahman Alamoudi…a well known “moderate” Islamist, before he went to jail for funneling money to terror organizations. More about him later. Then, it gets really heated. Note at 5:20, how they declare all the checks that are written for Hamas, are going to 501 © (3) organizations and are Tax Deductible. Watch MP George Galloway at 5:53 and further, then the praises for Barack Obama from 8:05, then 9:18. “If not under Barack Obama, then when?” Watch at 10:40 when the imam announces that the donations are not really charity, but “keep your receipts.” Then, at 11:55, then results of the fund raising for charity. At 12:45, a letter from a Democratic Congressman demanding that the Attorney General investigate. (Don’t hold your breath) Then Imam Musri, of the Orlando Mosque telling all Muslims that Zakat (donations) are the obligation of every believer. In fact, a good portion of those funds go towards weapons and terror activities under the guise of “military needs.”

Please, watch:

Click here: Captured on Video: Fundraising for Hamas in U.S. Mosque

Alamoudi is the founder of the American Muslim Council (AMC) a supposed lobbying group but in truth, another off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood who is dedicated to the Islamization of all non-Muslim nations on earth. Alamoudi hob-nobbed within the inner circles of the government, touted as a “moderate” by G.W. Bush, welcomed to the White House, spoke at the National Cathedral in D.S. after 9/11. He was sentenced to 23 years in 2004 for supporting terrorism. Alamoudi is one example of the thousands that are covertly working as enemies of the United States applying Taqiyya, (deceit) in the war against our freedom.

This video is valuable, unveiling the true nature of radical Islam and how it portrays itself as “peaceful and moderate” to the fools of this country who see what they want to see, and refuse to see what’s in front of their face. It begs the question, how many other “peaceful and moderate” mosques in the U.S. are actually fronts for radicalism behind closed doors, and agents for stealth jihad…intent of bringing our nation toward Islam, inch by inch, until the caliphate is formed before the end of this century.

Do we care about our grandchildren’s lives? Are we going to continue to deny the obvious?

In the same light, read this short report by reporter, Laura Mansfield who exposed the hypocrisy of another mosque in a southern state in 2005.

Click here: Muslim Jihad Comes To Small Town, USA

As a side note, Imam Musri has been an ally with Governor Charlie Crist, appointed by Crist to two Florida faith-based councils and committees. Florida voters, take notice…and follow the story.

Click here: Charlie Crist adviser raised funds for Hamas

We are our own worst enemies. For if we cannot, or will not, identify the enemy, they will surely win. And the do-gooders with heads in the sand are their unsuspecting allies.

It’s selfish only care only about the moment, and not care about the future of America.

Two heads. One body.

Wake up.