Before reading, please watch this one-minute segment from a recent Obama speech:

Click here: Revisionist Recitation: Obama Omits ‘Creator’ While Quoting Declaration

In this video, the president is giving one of his tennis match speeches (left-right) carefully reading the teleprompter. Then he gets stuck in quicksand when he arrives at a section of the Declaration of Independence where he clearly hesitates and ponders the part that states, “…that all men are created equal —-that we are endowed (?) with certain inalienable rights….” the part omitted is “…by our creator…” Notice, there is no hesitation or omission at any other place in the speech.

One would like to think this was a simple omission by a tired overworked man. Kinda reminds of the time he slipped to Stephanopolis on camera….”… my Muslim faith…” He was tired and overworked then too. After all, we’ve all said, “…my Muslim faith…” sometime in our lives when we’re tired, haven’t we?

Why is this important? So why omit?.

Because it’s one more notch in the mystery of Barack Obama, his true background, his motives and his agenda. Little things can mean a lot, and a man of Obama’s brilliance does not omit significant parts of a cherished American document by accident.

That leaves it open to supposition and conjecture. From my point of view, there could only be one of two reasons:

1) Reciting these three words would possibly offend Muslims of the world, which is more important than the accuracy of the Declaration.

2) Mr. Obama is a closet Muslim and cannot recite those words because they would violate some tenet or rule of the Islamic faith

Other blogs have cited other possible reasons, i.e., he’s really an atheist, it was just a slip, he was in keeping with the church/state separation, the omission was on the teleprompter, and etc. I’ll go with #1 or #2 above.

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it.

You tell me.