Jackie Evancho, age 10, did not win first place in this year’s America’s Got Talent Show. Michael Grimm, a nice looking fellow and a decent singer/guitarist won the million dollars. That’s because of the demographics en masse of viewers who vote. Young girls watch by the millions, and they vote with all the cell phones they can get their hands on.

That’s okay. The good news, is that the world now knows Jackie Evancho, much like it now knows Susan Boyle. These kinds of talents remain hidden in the pockets of the country, until they emerge in shows like this. Now, Miss Evancho’s future has brightened, for her and her family. And we are all the better for it.

If you google “America’s Got Talent,” the hits are all about this beautiful young phenom who sings like angel. Grimm is buried in the news.

From the first time I watched during her initial appearance singing an operatic aria, I was stunned with her poise, her clarity and her perfect pitch. Folks were questioning how such a mature voice could emanate from such a young and tiny body. But it does. And the only reason I am writing this blog is to share the experience and the incredible talent with everyone who hasn’t had the privilege. Nuff said. Prepare for the hair to rise on your arms. Please enjoy: (turn up the sound)


Click here: YouTube — Jackie Evancho

Click here: Jackie Evancho – America’s Got Talent 2010 – “Time To Say Goodbye”