Often, I’m asked, “Okay…we know radical Islam is becoming a major threat to the country, but what can we do?”

Here’s the answer: Throw your support to an organization known as ACT for America. If you are like the millions of Americans who a watching the slow erosion of our freedoms and the rise of stealth jihad within our borders, pay close attention. These are the people who are making a difference. Here’s the web site:

Click here: Act! for America – Home

I’m a writer nerd. I don’t go to rallies, marches and demonstrations, I don’t picket, carry signs, campaign for politicians or join organizations right or left. I’m conservative about some issues, liberal about others. One thing for certain, I am a fierce, patriotic American…despite the shortcomings.

When we learned that Brigitte Gabriel — founder of ACT For America — was coming to Deland, Florida, on August 26th to give a talk at a local church, Suzanne and I decided to drive up. We were not disappointed. Talk about swelling in your throat and hair rising on your arms. This woman got the crowd of nearly two thousand to their feet, cheering in support of America’s future.

I’ve been following Brigitte Gabriel since I researched my book, “Militant Islam In America.” This is an immigrant woman who gushes with love for this country and fears for its ultimate demise if we do nothing. She comes to the table with a compelling personal story of growing up in Lebanon when Beruit was considered the Paris of the mid-east, and multi-cultural diversity was the cornerstone of the nation. All religions, all cultures were welcomed and loved, until the radical Islamists grew in population and drove non-Muslims underground while slaughtering many. As a Christian family, Ms. Gabriel and her mom and dad suffered bombings and starvation living in a bomb shelter for seven years until they received refuge in Israel. She was shocked to learned that Israel was not the nation of evil people she had been taught. Rather they were welcoming and tolerant.

In early years, Ms. Gabriel became a journalist, then immigrated (legally) to the United States where she has since become a loyal citizen and strong activist for preserving the future of America. She speaks four languages, including Arabic and Hebrew. She has authored two compelling books about radical Islam, which I recommend strongly. (I’ll provide links after the text) She has spoken before the U.S. Congress, the British government, and has often been invited to appear on various national television news broadcasts as an expert, all stations.

In her speeches, she readily acknowledges that her mission is not without risk, that she knows there is a bullet somewhere out there with her name on it. Often, where she speaks at universities, she must be accompanied by police and/or armed guards.

ACT For America has become active as an awareness organization, reaching out to Americans all over the country with bulletins and information about the progress and happenings of radical Islam all over the world and in the U.S. Folks who care, should get on her e-mail lists. ACT now has 135,000 members and some 450 local chapters in all the states, where caring citizens meet and share up-to-date information, and listen to guest speakers.

ACT has also evolved into a powerful lobbying group, with lawyers standing up to radical Islamic forces in the courtroom, and to lawmakers in Washington D.C. An example of their successes:

* With the help of ACT, Congress passed the John Doe Bill which provides protection from lawsuits for people who report suspicious/possible terrorist activity

* ACT was instrumental in proposing Rachel’s Law in the State of NY, which protects American authors and publishers from intimidation law suits filed in foreign court jurisdictions. Passed and enacted into law.

* ACT was instrumental in getting the University of California at Irvine, to shut down the Muslims Students Union that was responsible for the organized interruption of an invited speaker from Israel.

Among many other issues, ACT is investigating and following up on such issues as:

* Terrorist sleeper cells in the U.S.

* First Amendment protections for journalists who report on militant Islamic Activities

* Islamic curriculums in public schools

* Anti-American, anti-Jewish and anti-Christian hate speech in various U.S. mosques

* Islamic charities that serve as conduits to Islamic terrorists

Much more.

The point is, ACT For America does not have to worry about political correctness. They have assembled a team that represents middle America. They are doing something, besides talk.

I happily docked my credit card with a small monthly donation which is no more than the cost of a lunch out for my wife and me. I consider it a small offering to do my part in helping an organization that is actually doing something to protect the future for our grand kids. We sure can’t rely on the government.

Give it some thought.

Videos of Ms. Gabriel’s talk to the Heritage Foundation:

Click here: YouTube – Brigitte Gabriel Part 1

Click here: YouTube – Brigitte Gabriel part 2

Click here: Amazon.com: They Must Be Stopped: