Web Address/E-mails for Justice

One of my regular readers has asked me to post this web site on my blog, as well as the e-mail addresses for contacting the right people regarding law and justice.  Regarding the outrageous proposal in Port Chester, NY, that voters be given six votes for one dandidate in order to elect more Hispanics , she writes as follows:

Dear Marshall, In my haste over this outrage I might not have posted the best resource for people to use to stop this insanity.  I’ve since done more research and found a list of organizations that do litigate to protect the US Constitution.  I would appreciate if you would list these sites on your blog and tell people to contact them by email and to include the video link and your blog posting on the subject.  If these organizations hear from enough people I’m sure someone, somewhere, will feel as outraged as we do and take action.  All the best, Mandy Fox
Liberty Council – liberty@lc.org  or call – 1-800-671-1776
The Federalist Society: info@fed-soc.org
National Center for Constitutional Studies-zeldon@nccs.net 

 National Center for Public Policy Research – info@nationalcenter.org American Center for Law & Justice –

Contact Page http://www.aclj.org/Content/?f=164