There are several compelling reasons why the Manhattan Mosque should not be built in the shadow of ground zero, too many to name here. Here’s the best three.

Number #1) Will of the people. New Yorkers are clearly opposed. (As are Americans in general)

Look. Watch. Read.

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The current population of Muslims in the United States is unknown. However, depending on what source you use, we can be sure there is no less than 2.6 million, and probably no more than 7 million, which is a high figure promulgated by Muslim organizations. Their numbers are spread thin over fifty states. So, let’s look at the will of the people.

The most recent poll of New Yorkers conducted by the Siena Research Institute, found:

* 61 Percent firmly opposed

* 26 Percent firmly in favor

The most recent poll of New Yorkers by Rassmussen found:

* 54 Percent firmly opposed

* 20 Percent firmly in favor

At best, seven million Muslims in the U.S. spread across the United States would equate to about a quarter million or less living in New York City. Maybe, as little as 75,000.

However, NYC boasts a resident population of nearly nine million, representing the most culturally diverse population in the world.

Let’s do the math. About 60 percent of New Yorkers — which translates to about five million residents — are firmly opposed to the Ground Zero mosque. About 25 percent are in favor, representing a little over two million. The two million win!

There are roughly 250,000 Muslim residents in New York, probably much less. A quarter million Muslims, versus five million New Yorkers who oppose the mosque. According to Mayor Bloomberg and his fellow apologists, the Muslims win! Case closed. Screw the will of the people.

2) The will of the families of 9/11 victims.

How would the families of war victims feel if the hallowed grounds of loved ones who perished in a war, were desecrated with a symbolic structure honoring the Japanese, the Germans or the Vietnamese. In truth, it would be unthinkable. They wouldn’t ever attempt it.

Like it or not, it’s a fact that the 9/11 murders were committed in the name of Islam, regardless if you call it extreme or not.

While no poll is available, families of 9/11 victims have been speaking out in droves in opposition to this mosque. But, who cares. Let’s appease and show tolerance. Screw the families of 2976 war victims.

Politicians and apologists find it more important to show compassion and tolerance for the mosque leaders who refuse to denounce Hamas as a terror organization, who blame the 9/11 attack on the U.S. government, than they do the victims of 9/11.

That’s right. The imam for the Cordoba House, and other mosque leaders, will not acknowledge Hamas as a terrorist group. They also lay fault for the attack on our own country. But who cares, screw the Americans. Show tolerance. Give the Muslims what they demand.

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3) Symbolism of Islamic Victory

It is no accident that the mosque is to be named: The Cordoba House. If folks would do some research, they would learn that “Cordoba” is a very meaningful term in the history of Islamic expansionism. After the invasion of the Iberian Peninsular by Islamic marauders in 611 A.D., Cordoba was established as a center for Islam in Spain, where they built their symbol of conquest called: The Cordoba House. (my my – what a coincidence)

Former Muslim and anti-terror activist, Walid Shoebat, states that the name chosen for the ground zero mosque is not an accident; it is intentionally provocative for a reason. It is a statement to Muslims that will further embolden our enemies. He should know. He was once one of them.

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Has anyone noticed that many of America’s moderate and compassionate Muslim leaders agree that the mosque should not be built at ground zero?

Please read the essay by Muslim writer, Tawfik Hamid, who concludes that the mosque is destined to be a sign of victory by the Jihadists over the U.S. He further proposes that before such a mosque is approved, Islamic leaders involved should be required to answer “yes” to three important questions:

* Will you denounce the practice of punishment for apostates, stonings for adultery, beating wives and death to homosexuals? That they must be banned around the world?

* Are you willing to declare that Islamic texts claiming Jews are apes and pigs must are wrong and must be changed, along with all anti-semitic literature within Islam?

* Do you denounce Islamic texts that require Muslims to declare war against non-Muslims, to conquer, spread Islam and require a special tax (dhimmitude) on non-Muslims?

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Don’t hold your breath.

Watch this interview with Dr. Zhudi Jasser, another prominent American Muslim leader, who states that the NYC mosque must not be built because it is offensive.

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 I wasn’t the biggest fan of Rudy Giuliani, but I’ll never forget when the Saudi Prince offered $10 million dollars to the 9/11 fund and the NYC mayor turned it down, citing the consistent anti-American stance the Saudis had blathered in the past. That’s gonads. Seriously lacking in that anatomical department, Michael Bloomberg, is travesty to New York, and to the people of the United States.

Of course, there is the question of money. Islamic leaders refuse to disclose where the $100 million is coming from. Four years ago, upon researching thousands of studies and more than twenty books on the subject of Islam, I learned that Saudi Arabia was financing roughly 80 percent of the costs of mosques throughout the Unites States, including consturction and operations. In doing so, the Saudis have been teaching and imposing the extreme Wahhabi form of Islam into the United States.

American leaders like Bloomberg are too smart not to be aware of this, but they don’t care about you and me, or New Yorkers, or Americans or the families of war victims. They care about kissing ass. They care about the easy way out of appeasement.  Michael Bloomberg, the Neville Chamberlain of New York.

Meanwhile, the imams, clerics and radical Islamic leaders around the world are rejoicing behind closed doors, just like they did the morning of September 11th, 2001. And Osama still sits in his cave with a smile, praising Allah.

Keep those heads buried in the sand, folks.

Inch by inch.

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