Enough already. I’ve heard the “Racist” label thrown around so often, it’s actually turning me into a racist against race-card blatherers.

Cannot these blithering idiots who have no brain with which to offer an intelligent debate, offer any other explanation for disagreement with persons of another color, than “Racist?” The term has been used and abused so much, that it has become meaningless. Al Sharpton, listen up.

“So You Think You Can Dance” is probably the very best competition reality show on television. Week after week, it pits highly trained young dancers of all genre until the best of the best reaches the top. Judges are not selected for star power, but from a pool of the greatest dancers and choreographers alive today. It makes “America’s Got Talent” look like a circus side show.

One of the regular Dance judges is Mia Michaels, with over 40 years in dance, and recipient of numerous awards. We’ve watched her poignant and sometimes emotional critiques of dancers, where she sometimes seems to fawn over male dancers, black and white. Recently, she was part of the panel that voted off a black contestant from the final four. Guess what? Mia has been labeled a Racist! Never mind that she has worked with blacks all her life and was once engaged to a black man. Yet, critics and bloggers are hammering her for being racist, which backs her in the corner defending herself for nothing…but being a judge.

Too easy these days for folks to slam you with the racists label. Yet, the news programs eat it up. It draws attention. It makes politicians shutter. It rattles cages. It draws anger, demonstrations, riots. It ruins careers. It damages reputations. And here’s the rub: It doesn’t have to be true.

The Tea Party has emerged as a threat to the left wing power base, so what’s their best strategy? With no other counter argument available, label them “Racists!” There’s not a shred of evidence that the Tea Party, as an organization, is racist. While small in numbers, many blacks belong to the Tea Party. Yet, Tea Partiers are on the cable networks defending themselves against the mud slingers who have no ability to think, other than calling people “Racist!”

President Barack Obama’s greatest asset is being black. It’s been his cloak of armor since the beginning of his national campaign. Fawned over by a left wing media for two years before taking office, and to this day, anyone who dared challenge his veracity or competence has been quickly labeled a “Racist,” me included. Had a white candidate had a background of no experience, commiserating with anti-American radicals, terrorists, communists, radical Islamists and a twenty-year association with an America-hating church pastor, he or she would have been excoriated by journalists and media pundits. But, say one critical comment about Barack Obama? You’re a racist!

The frustrated left wing in America, one time or another, has labeled every right wing pundit as a Racist, including Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Then again, Fox Cable Network is often called “Racist!” What else? That means the majority of news watchers in America must be racists, because the ratings for Fox News is double that of its competitors.

Those Racists!

Mini-brains cannot fathom the remotest idea that Fox News might be presenting a better and more diverse news show than any other. Better to call them names, that’ll do it. And what’s best? “Racists!” That gets attention.

When NBA basketballer Lebron James chose to move to the Miami Heat for bigger bucks, it upset the Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert. Gilbert accused LeBron of breaking a promise. But, leave it to the mental giant, race-baiting Rev. Jesse Jackson to come up with the answer, accusing Gilbert of viewing Lebron as a “runaway slave,” which — of course — is couching the accusation: Gilbert, you’re a Racist!”

That, from the same mouth of whom we heard “Hymietown.”

The new anti-Illegal immigration law in Arizona was written specifically with a safeguard against racial profiling. Police officers all over this country continually walk on eggshells, backing off, careful of any action or words that would be construed as “Racist!” Yet, our president managed to instill the concerns of Hispanics and blacks all over the state of Arizona, and in other states, by implanting the mere suggestion that the law will stimulate “Racial Profiling,” and that it is inherently “Racist!”. He knew better. That was nothing more than a tactic to generate fear, hatred and opposition. Being true didn’t matter. Screw the truth. Throw a bone to the followers, and they’ll chase after it. And, it worked.

Meanwhile, it’s all right for a group of black thugs to brandish a weapon outside of a polling place, donned in battle fatigues, hate and sneers. Inexplicably, the Justice department dropped the charges! Think about the KKK, and if they had been outside a polling place doing the same thing. Do you think Eric Holder would be dropping those charges?

Who’s the racist?

I’ve got a message for the Holders, Rev. Wrights, Sharptons, Jacksons of this country. The next time you have no other intelligent remark to make in defense of a position, try another label. The Race-Card is getting old, and it’s beginning to make you look really stupid.

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