(Though readers may find the accumulation of information very interesting, it is a bit longer than most articles. May want to read this in segments)

Some folks have accused Mr. Obama of being a closet Muslim, that his true loyalty and identity stands with Islam. I really hope that’s not true. Because, if that were true, it would spell grave danger for the future of the United States, considering that a significant chunk of Islam has big plans for non-Muslim countries down the road through violent and non-violent Jihad, with the U.S. being the prime target.

If Mr. Obama is a closet Muslim, which he denies, that means he would be engaging “Taqiyya,” the practice of lying and deceiving sanctioned by radical Islam in order to further the advance of Islam over non-bleievers. That would be an abomination. I certainly hope it is not true.

But, there are some who say it is true. Here’s why:

1) According to journalist and author, Avi Lipkin, during a closed-door meeting with the foreign minister of Egypt, Ahmad Aboul Gheilt, President Obama swore to him that he was a Muslim, and would take care of important issues for Muslims worldwide after attending to some domestic issues first. This was revealed on Nile TV’s Round Table Show in January, 2010.

Please note, in the attached article in American Thinker, there is a long list of Obama/Muslim events and incidents at the bottom that draw suspicion and credibility to this assertion. Check them all out. Plus check out the video as well:

Click here: American Thinker: Report: Obama said ‘I Am a Muslim’

Click here: YouTube – BREAKING NEWS! – Is Barack Obama

2) The Palestinians formed phone banks during the election campaign to help raise money for Obama’s election. What did they know that we didn’t know?

3) In April of 2008, Hamas political advisor, Ahmed Yousef, publically endorsed the election of Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign.

4) Lybian dictator and strict Muslim, Muammar Gadaffi, openly declared Barack Obama a Muslim during a speech. Check it out. And check out the translation in bold letters at the bottom.

Click here: American Thinker Blog: The ‘Obama is a Muslim’ smear

5) We all know the rigors of an election campaign and how exhausting these interviews must be. So, I suppose we should all disregard this minor little slip…where Obama blurps out, “My Muslim faith,” until the reporter corrects him. (Ever hear any non-Muslim make that little mistake?)

Click here: YouTube – Obama: “My Muslim Faith”

6) Since assuming the presidency, Mr. Obama has been hiring on Muslim advisors, including two devotees in high positions inside the Department of Homeland Security. Then there’s his religious advisor, Eboo Patel, who, as it turns out, is a member of the ISNA which is was named as unindicted coconspirator in a scheme to raise money for Hamas.

Click here: Obama religion adviser linked to unindicted co-conspirator

7) One only has to review the Obama presidency from its onset to see the pattern of capitulation and coddling to the Islamic world, to an including the refusal to use any terms equating Islam radicalism with the world of terror. (Man-caused disaster???)

Click here: YouTube – Eric Holder Refuses To Say “Radical Islam”

8) Then, there are the speeches before the Islamic audiences overseas, which make come people wonder…hmmm? Could he actually be a Muslim? In the video link, check out the perfect reference to the Koran, and his use of the term… “where it was revealed.” (At 00:53)  The term “Revealed” is used only by Muslims whose prophet Muhammed attested that Allah declared Islam as the only religion, but that it was revealed to the prophet via the angel Gabrielle, which ultimately became the basis for the Koran. Who would say “revealed?”

Note also, references to the “Holy Koran” at 1:28. I’ve never heard a public reference by Obama to the Holy Bible.

Click here: YouTube – Obama

9) While Mr. Obama talks so highly about Islam, we rarely hear him speak with reverence about his “chosen” religion, Christianity. Some folks have suggested that he aligned himself with the Trinity United Church of Christ as a ruse to help promote his political future. I would hope that’s not true.

What we do know, is that Mr. Obama was very close to the anti-American Reverend Jeremiah Wright for twenty years, donated thousands, helped raise thousands more, and was part of a church that embraced and coddled the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, the Jew hater.  Strange…for a Christian church, it would seem. That church even gave Mr. Farrakhan a humanitarian award. Remember: Twenty Years…close relationship. That’s a long time.

Click here: YouTube – The shocking video

10) Most folks might not know that Islam prohibits the giving of birthday gifts. Mr. Obama and family do not give their children gifts for birthdays.

Click here: Barack Obama does not give birthday presents

Click here: Islam Question and Answer – Celebrating birthdays

11) Barack Obama was born the son of a Muslim, which by Islamic law, makes him a Muslim. If he is now a Christian, he would be an apostate, which seems to contradict the view of some world leaders in the Muslim world. His family members, father’s side, are Muslim. He was adopted by a Muslim step-father, given the name Barry Soetoro, and attended an Islamic school in Indonesia for at least two years where his school records show him identified in the religion of Islam. He also had attended a Catholic school part of this time.

Click here: AP Photo Of Barack Obama’s School Registration

 12) Many questions would be answered if the public was permitted access to a list of Mr. Obama’s official records, including questions about his passports, social security numbers, college records at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, medical records, and — what else — birth records with details of hospital, physician, and more. (No…the on-line version posted by the administration is NOT a birth certificate. That’s easily provable) The big question, the Mystery, is why won’t he authorize the release of these records? Wouldn’t you?

13) Then, there is the infamous bow:

Oh yes. He had a back spasm.

Naw. He’s not a Muslim