Please watch this 3-minute talk by Syrian-born psychiatrist, Wafa Sultan, now a citizen of the U.S. living somewhere in California. She wraps it up very well.

Click here: YouTube – Former Muslims United: Wafa Sultan

Dr. Sultan is well-known for her bold confrontational interview on Al Jazeera television some four years ago. This is a woman who has walked the walk, who comes from the inside, and risks her life to expose truths. This powerful confrontation is five minutes. She sums it up better than I, or anyone else. Please watch:

Click here: Arab Woman gives Muslims a Thrashing

Nonie Darwish is an Egyptian-born American author and anti-jihad activist, who also grew up in the closed world of Islam, and has boldly come forward to forewarn the people of America of the dangers that loom ahead if we continue on the path of appeasement. Now a Christian, this video explains why she left Islam, and what most naive Americans don’t know.

Click here: YouTube – Why I left Islam – Nonie Darwish

Here, she talks about the consequences of leaving Islam:

Click here: YouTube – PJTV: Apostasy And Consequences:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali-born ex-Muslim, who suffered female mutilation and life under Islamic oppression. Since, she has immigrated to The Netherlands where she wrote the script for the docu-movie “Submission” for Director Theo Van Gogh, a reflection on the life of women under Islam. Theo Van Gogh was murdered in the streets by a vindictive Muslim for “defaming” the religion, and Ali received her share of death threats as well. This brilliant woman has been speaking out, despite the risk, trying to warn the western countries of the impending threat of Sharia under Islam. Here is one of her 5-minute interviews:

Click here: YouTube – Ayaan Hirsi Ali – War on Terror, or War on Islam?

Raheel Raza is a Muslim woman and author, living in Canada who exemplifies what we envision to be a “moderate.” She speaks out vehemently opposed to the NYC mosque near Ground Zero in this 4 minute-interview, and articulates her reasons better than anyone.

Click here: Muslim Raheel Raza speaks out against Ground Zero Mosque

Brigitte Gabriel, a former Lebanese woman, now an American citizen, is well known for her founding of the American Congress For Truth (ACT) which has set up chapters throughout the U.S. to spread awareness of the threat of radical Islam and creeping Sharia. She grew up during the transition from Lebanon being a Christian country, to becoming a Muslim dominated country. Now she devotes her life to the cause of saving America from the intentions of radical Islam.

She tells her story in these videos. Very compelling. Please watch and listen:

Click here: YouTube – Brigitte Gabriel Part 1 (4 minutes)

Click here: YouTube – Brigitte Gabriel part 2 (9 minutes)

The National Organization for Women (NOW), League Of Women Voters, and other significant women’s groups should be paying close attention to the happenings within the global world of Islam today. The Muslim Brotherhood, who have declared their intentions of taking over the America “from within,” have spread their tentacles throughout Europe and now, the United States where the first victims of Sharia will oppress half of the America’s population: Women. One only has to look everywhere else in the world where Islam dominates…if you’re willing to look.

Yet, the women’s groups — who have the most to lose — do nothing. Naysayers with rose-colored glasses pay no attention to the obvious, and choose to dismiss, or even castigate, people like the brave women mentioned above, as “nuts” or “right wing fanatics” or, stupidly enough, “an arm of the Republican party.” In truth, those naysayers wearing in rose-colored glasses are inadvertently helping the U.S. to commit suicide.

Saving the best for last, the following link points out how the mask of deception is often used to present a “peaceful” or “moderate” facade, while the opposite is true when the doors are closed. Laura Mansfield is a journalist who attended a woman’s orientation program at a southern state mosque in 2005. The object was for the local Muslims to assure the American women how peaceful and misunderstood Islam is and, hopefully, pitch for future converts.

Mansfield arrived at the mosque early, and asked if she could sit in the back and await the other women. They granted her wish, not knowing that Mansfield is fluent in Arabic. So, she listened to the men’s conversations in Arabic., which included an Anti-American (non-moderate) rant by the Imam to continue the path of Jihad, then turning the rhetoric 180 degrees the other direction when the American women appeared. Suddenly, they were “moderate.”

Here is her story. It’s a reminder to bear in mind, what they tell you to your face, is not what they say behind closed doors. Please check her out.

Click here: Muslim Jihad Comes To Small Town, USA

Women, take notice.

 From the Koran:

* Sura 2.223: Your wives are a tilth for you, so go into your tilth when you like and do good beforehand for yourselves…

* Sura 4.34 : Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property, the good women are therefore obedient guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded, and those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in sleeping places and beat them, and then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them…

Click here: The suffering of Algeria’s women