I know I can be a whoos sometimes, but few movies have affected me like the film we watched last evening on Showtime.

Beyond the Gates” has no big stars or shoot-em-up scenes, car crashes or Tai Kwando kicks. No special effects. It’s a docudrama about the genocide in Rwanda that took place in the middle ’90’s.  Chilling, gasping, weeping…are the first three adjectives that come to mind.

Not for the light of heart, not for people who steer clear of sad pictures. But it’s an education. It shows how man’s inhumanity to man can go on under the watchful eye of so-called civilized nations, while they turn a blind eye to mass murder. 

There’s not anyone to blame for such a despicable tragedy. Just everyone. Especially the media. Especially the civilized governments of the world. It shows just what a useless organization we are supporting, who call themselves “United Nations.”

If you want to learn, rent this picture. Was made in 2005.  I wept like a baby.