Thoughts that come to mind reflecting over the past month.   

1) JetBlue Flight Attendant, Steven Slater, is a jerk. (my opinion) What may seemed like an enviable act of courage, it was, in fact, an act of stupidity for which he should not serve as an example to others. Rude customers comes with the territory in service jobs, especially those dealing with a high volume of the public. That’s life.

2) Polls show that 20 percent of Americans now think that Obama is a Muslim, up from 11 percent. Count me among them. To me, it’s obvious. America was duped in 2008. A recent CNN poll also reveals that 60 percent of Americans doubt his birth records. Count me in as well.

3) Boo to the PGA. Golfer Dustin Johnson got the royal screw when officials docked him two strokes for grounding his club in a patch of dirt they called a sand trap. Otherwise, he was certain to be in the three-way playoff for the PGA Championship, with a possible prize of $1.3 million.

4) The due sensitivity of Americans and families of three thousand 9/11 victims should take precedence over the sensitivities of Muslims who want to build a mosque next to Ground Zero. A mosque can be built anywhere. The site of the attack is immovable.

5) Solution to the drug wars all over the world and in the U.S.: Legalize, tax and control. No black market? No crime. Cartels are out of business, so are street gangs. Courts, prisons and cops would depressurize case loads and taxpayers would benefit from redistributions of funds for more effective purposes. Meanwhile, studies show, drug use would diminish.

6) We should relocate the United Nations from New York City to Haiti. I can think of many advantages, especially the surge it would create to the economy of that struggling nation. The United States is voted down 77 percent of the time by third world countries, (to whom we provide foreign aid) while footing 22 percent of the annual operating costs, equaling $440 million. This would save enormous taxpayer dollars plus eliminate an open door policy for spies, insurgents and diplomats who abuse their immunity.

7) I don’t care if men marry men or women marry women. It’s better for people to love, not hate. Plenty of that to go around. Same sex marriage seems awkward and outside the box, but when I really think about it… so what?

8) Ever notice how Islam dominates the happenings in western affairs these days, compared to ten years ago? How much more in the next ten years? Twenty? With Islam, comes Sharia. Folks in denial choose to wear rose colored glasses. That’s dangerous for the future of western cultures.

9) The Glenn Beck rally in Washington D.C. drew a half million Americans, demonstrating peacefully for love of country, without spewing hate. What’s so bad about that? I enjoyed watching a taste of patriotic unity for once.

10) The prison system in this country is a national disgrace. There is no rehabilitation, no rights, very little schooling and preparation for release after long periods removed from society. That spells bad news for more crime victims, and high recidivism rates. Meanwhile, prison inmates are being used for slave labor while factories and corporations lay off workers at $9.00 an hour, in order to out-source to inmates at 50 cents an hour. Are you surprised, that corporations hire lobbyists to pass laws to keep the prison populations at maximum?

11) Another direct hit from a major hurricane to New Orleans would portend the end to a great city. Survivors would eventually migrate elsewhere.

12) America’s Got Talent has evolved into a junkie show with mostly circus acts and hip hoppers performing over audiences that scream constantly on command. But once in a while, comes a diamond in the rough, which is what happened with this 10 year-old child, Jackie Evancho. Enjoy:

Click here: YouTube – America’s Got Talent – Jackie Evancho