1) I believe Barack Obama will not serve out his four-year term, and will likely be out of office by this time next year. (For one reason or another).

2) After January of 2011, hard evidence of Obama’s presidential illegitimacy will surface necessitating a congressional investigation that results in his impeachment and/or resignation from office…that being the likely basis for removal from office.

3) Joe Biden will assume the Oval Office and — based on powerful signals from the American electorate — will shift much of the Democratic focus from left, to center in the political spectrum, based on powerful signals from the American electorate.

4) A significant shift in congressional power will take place after November’s mid-term election resulting in Republican majority in the House and Senate. (Which is partly why # 2 will happen)

5) Hillary Clinton will resign as Secretary Of State after the mid-term elections. She will run for president in 2012, and win the Democratic nomination. This will occur regardless if Obama or Biden is in office.

6) We will see another major terrorist attack in the U.S. within the next twelve months.

7) The Afghan war will come to an abrupt halt before the end of 2011. Afghanistan will resume as a hub for terrorist training and the Taliban will assume control of the country again. Thus, all for naught.

8) The economy will worsen following the Afghan pull-out because unemployment will rise to higher levels with a reduction in the war machine. With the Republicans controlling the congress, they will bear the brunt of blame from media.

9) Before the end of 2010, Israel will embark on a military strike in Syria and Iran in order to neutralize their Nuke weapons and delivery system. The UN ( and our current administration) will condemn Israel while Muslims erupt into demonstrations and violence throughout the mid-east, Europe and the U.S.

10) The Justice Department, under Eric Holder, will initiate legal efforts to curtail free speech in the conservative radio and television networks, mainly by reviving a version of the Fairness Doctrine. A new Republican congress will nullify that.

11) Appellate courts will uphold the lower court ruling which diminished the Arizona Anti-Illegal immigration law. However, the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn those rulings and uphold the state’s right to defend itself. Later, another twenty or more states will pass similar laws.

12) France and England will increasingly become the focus of Islamic unrest in Europe as Sharia Law flexes its mighty muscle.

In regards to prediction # 1, Obama’s fall could result one of three ways. With so many Americans passionately opposed to him, it would not be surprising to see an attempt on his life by some nutball like Oswald or Booth. That would not be a good thing, because such an event would martyr Obama and bolster his legacy in the biased media. In addition, black communities throughout America would explode into uprising. Next; deep reverence, tributes and monuments and anyone who suggested negative thoughts about the Obama presidency would be cast as a racist bigot, facts notwithstanding.

These all are simple predictions based as one American who stands witness to the trends taking place today in the world. I certainly hope I am wrong about some of them.

What say you?