It’s the in-vogue term for invectives who wish to instill hatred. Unfortunately, it’s been a big success.

Just call someone, or any organization — RACIST — and all ears listen. Attach labels, that’s an effective strategy. True or not, they stick like unwanted glue. The media jumps on such allegations as juicy headlines in the making.

We no longer have to interpret the meaning of RACIST. Society and media has done it for us. It unequivocally refers to white on black prejudice. And if someone like myself even suggests that blacks can be racist too, that make me: (Guess what?) A RACIST!

If an organization existed was named the “NAAWP” (National Organization for the Advancement of White People) the powerful black community, the media and the majority of America — left and right — would be swayed to believe they are all RACISTS. But any organization that is black-only, is an American entitlement, not RACIST.

The Congressional Black Caucus categorically excludes whites even though some white congressmen have applied for membership in the past. Does that mean white congresspersons should be extended the same right to form a White Caucus? Of course not, that would make them: RACISTS.

Recently, an angry Rev. Jesse Jackson invoked race into a totally non-racial issue, when star player LeBron James opted to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for greener (more money) pastures with the Miami Heat. Jackson accused Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, of treating James like a “runaway slave,” inferring that RACISM had anything to do with LeBron’s motives.

Click here: LeBron James to Miami Heat: Jesse Jackson

The president and his attorney general have made it know that their greatest objection to the Arizona anti-Illegal immigration law is race-based, suggesting that RACIAL profiling will result from the law being enforced. That wasn’t true, only a strategy that millions of ignorant people fell for. Fact is, there is not one shred of evidence to support that allegation, but it sure is powerful nonetheless. Just invoke the mere suggestion that RACIST thinking is behind an action — true or not — and the cannons begin firing.

In July of 2009, Professor Gates never stopped to think that the police officer — doing his duty — may have had good reason to check out the occupant of his house to make sure he belonged there. After all, the officer had been summoned by a caring neighbor when they spotted a possible burglary. Instead, when asked for I.D., Gates’ knee-jerk response was, “Why, because I’m a black man in America?”


Ah…invoke RACISM, and suddenly, the offense … is on the defense.

Naturally, the president wasn’t RACIST when he first was asked about the incident, and he knee-jerked an answer which indicted the police without knowing any information, “The Cambridge police acted stupidly.” Brilliant, indeed.

But wait. We could give the prez a pass on this, because he was set-up by a RACISM thirsty media rep, when reporter Lynn Sweet unnecessarily asked him, “What does this say about race relations in America?”


The question was as relevant to the incident as Jello is to motor oil.  Cops check out suspicious people all the time, and the racial equation varies all the time. Yet, the media found it necessary to invoke the RACIST issue into a non-racist issue. See for yourself:

Click here: YouTube – Obama: Cambridge Cops “Acted Stupidly”

Recently, charges against the New Black Panther members who stood at a polling place in November of 2008, dressed in berets and fatigues and brandishing a billy club, were dropped by Mr. Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder. The behavior which violated voting rights laws, were caught on video, clearly an act of voter intimidation. THE CHARGES WERE DROPPED.

Had a group of KKK been standing around a predominant black polling place, wearing sheets and brandishing a stick, you can bet that this administration would have not only charged them with voter intimidation, they’d have been serving their sentences by now.

So, who’s the RACIST?

Watch this one-minute video including the last half:

Click here: Video: New Black Panther Party Leader

As a result, an outraged federal prosecutor in the case resigned from the justice department, claiming that the feds are now under orders to NOT prosecute anyone for voter intimidation by the Black Panthers. J. Christian Adams, a top prosecuting attorney with tenure in the DOJ, has since spoken out. Here’s his interview on FOX:

Click here: YouTube – PART 3 DOJ Lawyer J. Christian Adams

Now the NAACP is planting the seed of RACISM saying it is permeating the Tea Party. Most of us agree that the Tea Party is nationalistic based organization of Americans who stump for less government, lower taxes and individual freedoms. Nowhere, is there any evidence that the Tea Party is riddled with RACISTS or that it proposes a RACIST agenda. But the Tea Party has grown into a formidable anti-Obama political force, so the best defense is what? An offense! Use that dreaded term: RACIST, and then put the Tea Party in a position of defending itself.

Click here: NAACP considers charge of racism against the Tea Party

Racism is a two-edged sword. It’s just as vile to be a black racist as it is to be a white racist. But that’s not the case in 2010 America where black racism is protected and revered, while white racism is considered lower than murder and rape.

Want to get a glimpse of bona fide racism? Watch these two videos:

Click here: YouTube – Geraldo Vs Head Black Panther

Click here: Black Power! ‘Eat the Tea Party,’ the Video!

For those who fall for the propaganda that the Tea Party is racist, I invite you to check out a sampling of its black supporters:

Angela McGlowan, Mississippi

Deneen Borelli, of the Project 21

Lt. Col Allen West, WPB, Fla. Check this video and tell me if the tea Party is RACIST:

Click here: Video – Congressional Candidate LTC Allen West

Enough already.

Americans wake-up. Time to realize when you’re being manipulated.