I’m putting this out on blog so it will get maximum coverage.

A NY voting district in Port Chester, NY, has been approved for a measure to allow Latino voters 6 votes per candidate, in an effort to bring on more Latinos in elected office. (Huh?)

That’s right, folks.

Amazingly, in November, 2009, a federal Judge approved the measure! Yes, that means a white voter gets one vote for any candidate he or she wants, and a Latino voter gets 6 votes for whomever he or she wants.

See the 3 minute news video for yourself:

Click here: YouTube -Port Chester NY gives Latinos 6 votes per person!

I’ll bet, there are some liberal minded people who read this who will say…So What? Big deal? Please write in if you do, I’d like to hear the rationale.

See the trend, folks? Minority profiling is legal, minority racism is legal.

The seeds plant. The constitution is on the way out, anarchy is on the way in.

By the way, the federal judge who approved this travesty, is also a minority (surprise!). And, he was an appointee of President G.W. Bush.

Hopefully, they will take it to the appellate level or higher and overturn this decision for ad infinitum. If not, the disease for skewing democracy will spread like wildfire.

Imagine next…California? New Mexico?

And then special voting laws for Islamists in Dearborn and Minneapolis?

Stay tuned. It’s just beginning.