The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution states, in part: “…all persons, born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.”

Passed in 1868, the purpose of that law was to ensure that all free blacks, whether former slaves or not, were entitled to U.S. citizenship, as were their children.

Good intentions gone awry.

Boy, has that been used and abused. Had the lawmakers known what would lie ahead in the 20th and 21st centuries, with babies by the millions being birthed by illegals on American soil in order to gain entry through the back door, the wording would have been much different.

What do we do about it? Little.

In a period of ten years, four million illegal alien mothers who happen to give birth within our borders will be providing automatic American citizenship to their child, skirting immigration laws via an unintended loophole. In the majority of those cases, the taxpayer will be assuming the responsibilities of feeding, clothing, educating and providing for health care. I hesitate to mention the cost of criminal activity, victimization, court costs and prisons costs, because we all know that a significant percentage of those will unfortunately go that route.

The system for making children into American citizens is widely known throughout the world. Just get here pregnant, then have the baby. Voila. They not only do it from Mexico, but all other nations, including from mid-east countries where Islam — peaceful and non-peaceful — is being imported in huge numbers. They are among the millions who are destined to significantly alter the demographic landscape of America in future decades.

Yes. I know all Muslims are not bad people. But, unfortunately, too many are associated with the Jihad movement, which makes this a national security threat to the U.S.

It is so well known and accepted, that one Turkish-owned hotel in New York City, the Marmara Manhattan, has been marketed with “birth tourism packages” to expectant mothers abroad. Talk about brazen. Legal or illegal immigrants are welcomed in order to super-populate this country with outside cultures (and religions) via the 14th amendment loophole which makes children automatic citizens. And in doing so, special immigration status is bestowed upon the parents who would otherwise be illegal because…after all…a baby must be with its mother and/or father.


The nation’s school systems alone, which are over burdened and funds poor, face the economic burden of providing education to millions of children born “legally” of “Illegal” parents in America. Those cost burdens, which includes adapting to languages other than English, deplete from quality educational opportunities for the children of legal American families who work here and pay taxes.

In 2004, a study was conducted in three states regarding their annual costs of educating anchor baby children. Estimates ranged $87 million in Pennsylvania, to over one billion dollars in Texas. Then, there’s California.

At present, there are approximately 4.7 million children of illegal immigrants in our public schools systems.

It’s almost impossible to estimate the health, feeding and housing costs associated with a half million anchor babies born each year, or the future costs of criminal activity which — considering the absence of family stability — a significant percentage of them will engage in.

This is just another facet of the runaway immigration dilemma that is costing the taxpayer billions. Yet, the only answer our politicians can come up with, is Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which is nothing more than a euphemism for “Amnesty.” Such reform would not save one dime of the cost problems.

What can be done about anchor babies and hotels like the Marmara Manhattan? Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana has proposed HR5002, which is a bill proposed to put the kabash, requiring one parent of a child born here to be an American citizen or legal alien. The bill is still in committee. (Don’t hold your breath) Here is a summary:

Click here: H.R. 5002 – Summary: No Sanctuary for Illegals Act

There are two ways to invade a country. From outside and from within. Japan did it from outside. So did Radical Islam…for which we are still at war. The more difficult war, is fighting the invasion from within, because it’s subtle and ill-defined, yet just as powerful and effective. The insiders need only to be more patient.

Besides Europe and Canada, I don’t see many other countries who are at risk of losing their culture before the end of this century. But we sure are.

We cannot accomodate all the poor and oppressed in the entire world. If we do, there will be no America the Beautiful in future generations. And, the children of  our grandkids will never know how great this nation once was.

But…who cares? Right?

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