This will be short. You make up your own mind.

On November 4th, 2008, members of the New Black Panthers stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia, Pa., clad in army fatigues, beret hats and billy clubs, menacing voters as they came and went, and in some cases, shouting at people, telling them words to the effect, “now you’ll see what it’s like to be ruled by a black.”

The actions were a clear violation of federal election laws. Three men were duly charged by the Justice Department. The trials never happened.

Not long after the new administration took office, the charges were dropped by Eric Holder’s Justice Department, certainly with the blessings, if not under orders, from President Obama. There was no legal or logical reason. One of the primary Justice Department attorneys, J. Christian Adams, has resigned in outrage over being ordered to drop the charges. Here’s his article, written for the Washington Times:

Click here: Inside the Black Panther case – Washington Times

Okay, folks. Let’s think up some excuses for the Attorney General and Mr. Obama that justifies this action. People who read my blogs will anxiously await to hear whatever logic there may be in this decision.

As for me, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The actions taken by Mr. Holder, under the approval of Mr. Obama, continue to indicate that this administration does not have the best interest of law abiding Americans in their hearts and minds. That goes for numerous issues, not just this one. Which begs the question…again: whose side are they on?

Here’s a short video, taken by a civilian, on the day of the event:


In the following video, a liberal attorney with long history tied to the Democratic Party, is also outraged. Watch his interview with Bill O’Reilly:

Click here: YouTube – Eric Holder Drops Charges

I’ve oft written about this administration’s unAmerican stances. This is just another notch that confirms those fears. The president was sworn to preserve, protect and defend the constitution, and to keep America safe. The constitutional violations are piling up. I smell impeachment looming within another six to twelve months.

You be the judge.

Click here: FOXNews.com – Former Justice Department Lawyer