July 3, 2010. On the Joe Citizen Radio Show in South Florida, a leader within the Muslim American Society (MAS) told a bald-faced lie to the listeners following an important question posed by the host. The guest, Ibrahim Ramey, highly educated and a lifelong devout “moderate” Muslim, stated he had never heard of the term: Taqiyya. When asked, he hemmed and hawed and pretended to misunderstand. Fact: Every educated Muslim knows the meaning of Taqiyya, particularly leaders. No exceptions. Thus, Mr. Ramey, who was portraying Islam as a misunderstood, peaceful and honorable religion, had just practiced Taqiyya himself, i.e., an act of deliberate deceit, forgiven by Allah if it furthers the advancement of Islam.

More later.

First: The following link is one of the best-ever video productions I’ve seen about the subject. It presents three important facts most people do not know about Islam. In eight short minutes, it digs into the core for those who are uninformed or otherwise living with rose-colored glasses, refusing to see the truth. Before going any further, please watch:

Click here: YouTube – Three Things About Islam

My only criticism of this video is that it should have pointed out four, not three, facts about Islam that most non-Muslims do not know. The fourth being: Islam is not just a religion, but a strict form of government, with its own set of laws that must be followed, under threat of severe punishment. That is what sets Islam apart from Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and others.

In the past, some folks have challenged my so-called “intolerance” toward the Islam, claiming Islam is no different than other religions, and we should give Islam equal religious protection under the constitution. But when a fascist form of government is veiled in religious ideology, that changes the playing field. We, — non-Muslims — should all pay heed to the groundwork that’s being laid for the future of America. Meanwhile, many people — and the media — turn a blind eye and call me names for even suggesting it.

To the naysayers, I ask: What if I’m right? What if the evidence is right? What if the thousands of scholars, ex-Muslims and experts on Islam who say the same — are right? What if the active and vocal Jihad Muslims who boldly declare the coming of Islam, are right? By 2050, it will be too late, much as it is now in modern day France and England.

Since I researched my book “Militant Islam In America,” in 2006, in which I stumbled across shocking discoveries, I’ve endeavored to share my newfound knowledge with as many Americans as possible in an attempt to forewarn and help people to understand the nascent threat that America — and our grandchildren — will face as time passes. It is not just a political blog, it’s an obligation, as a caring American. I receive nothing for this. By learning what looms on the horizon, people can take control of our country and vote at the polls wisely, thus using their “power” to prevent a virtual disaster down the road.

That has not happened — yet. Quite the opposite.

What people do not know and refuse to believe, is that the future of Islam governing the United States is imminent. As an issue, it is more important — far more consequential — in total, than the wars, the economy, racism, immigration, party affiliation or any other short-sighted issue. It is what we are leaving to our children’s children.

I’ve pointed out, through many articles how the Muslim Brotherhood, who controls most of the infiltration and Islamic-based turmoil in the entire world, has set about on a path to destroy western society, (using their own written words) — “from within” — and they have thus far been quite successful. The movement is on track. It would require an article of a hundred pages, not four, to point out all the examples.

This following message is for my friends who choose to discount this reality, who may have the best of intentions and motives in their hearts but are failing their grandkids.

This is not about Republican versus Democrat….get that out of your head. This is not about right wing and left wing, or belonging to one political ideology or another. When Islam rules, the American political party system will no longer exist. History books will be re-written so that children in the 22nd century won’t even know who George Washington ever was. The Statue of Liberty will be long gone and the U.S. Capitol will become the largest mosque in the world.

We all want to believe that there are good Muslims in the world and that the majority are peaceful. That may, in part, be true. But … it doesn’t matter! Their voice is insignificant, destined to be drowned by the Jihadists (non-violent as well as violent) who will dominate, just like they dominate in strict Islamic countries today. And then, the existing “good” Muslims will enjoy approval while non-Muslims will be enslaved, vanquished or vanished.

From the day Muhammed died, Islam set out to dominate all human life on earth, and that objective has never abated in 1400 years. It’s not starting now.

To better understand Islam, I beg you to study the history of how Islam spread throughout the world (it wasn’t through peaceful means); Study the life of Muhammed, who rose to Islamic power as much through violence as through evangelism; Read the Koran and understand how and why the passages are contradictory, and the chronology of when and how old passages are nullified by newer passages, all of which declare Islam supreme and incites violence and disgrace upon non-Muslims. Read it. It’s there for the asking.

The video amply points out the huge differences between religious books, like the Bible and the Koran, and that the Koran is basically the product of one human being, who told his followers he had a connection to God, and they believed him, and they believed everything he decreed to be true, even if it meant punishing those who disagreed. Most folks who argue with me, simply have not done their homework. They shoot from the hip, and accuse me of being a right wing bigot. They have not studied the strategy of conquering “from within” nor do they know about “Taqiyya,” the Islamic caveat that permits and encourages deception and lies in order to spread Islam.


So, when I see a huge mosque being planned within a stones throw to the 9/11 tragedy, while a New York City mayor blathers its politically correct approval — despite the wishes of the great majority of New Yorkers — it is one sampling which tells me they have won. Behind closed doors, the Islamic powers are rejoicing in victory, one more step toward their ultimate goal.

Then, of course, there is the president — the best friend of Islam this government ever had, and that Islam could have ever hoped for in this time of our history.

I’ll save that for another blog.

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