More and more, as time passes, it becomes more evident that the Obama administration does not have the best interests of the state of Israel on its agenda. Don’t listen to me, listen to the hoards of scholars and experts out there who know what they’re talking about.

One of them is Dr. Richard L. Rubinstein, author of “Jihad and Genocide”, Harvard Phd, Yale fellow, “Distinguished Professor of the Year”, and Harvard Phd. He states that president Obama’s intention is to “correct the historical mistake of the creation of the state of Israel.” Dr. Rubenstein states that president Obama due to his family heritage is extremely pro Muslim – to the point of “wanting to see the destruction of Israel.” He also served as president of University of Bridgeport for five years. A scholar. No lightweight.

The following is a short, 7-minute interview/statement by Dr. Rubinstein which followed his speech at a Nashville convention for The New English Review:

During the 2008 campaign, many folks, including myself, disclosed how suspicious it was that Barack Obama, a relative lightweight in the annals of our government, rose to such international prominence, and that his presidential run was supported by some of the most anti-American radicals and far leftist organizations in the nation, and in the world.
The mere fact that Palestinians on the West Bank had formed phone banks to raise money to elect a U.S. president should have been clue enough, but people still chose to keep their heads buried in the sand.  The Palestinians — who live and breathe to see the destruction of Israel — obviously knew something we didn’t know.  Obama was their man. Meanwhile, millions of voters were blinded by a passion to see a black man elected into the Oval Office.
Wake up, America. See the forest through the trees.  It’s happening in front of our noses.
There is an ominous bromide often quoted within the Arab community in the mideast, and seen in their graffiti: “First comes Saturday, Then comes Sunday.” If you don’t know what that means: