For those of you who are hoodwinked into thinking the new Arizona law is tantamount to fascist enforcement and racially driven, here’s a wake-up call.

Fact is ( and it is a fact), the Arizona law is actually modeled after the federal law, but even more strict in order to preclude the use of racial profiling or discrimination. Truth is, (if you don’t already know this), Arizona police cannot arbitrarily ask anyone for papers or identification, unless they have witnessed an infraction or been called to the scene of any possible law violation, at which time — as in ANY police matter — they will ask the parties for their identification.

And in the course of doing so, it becomes evident that one or more of those persons could be an ILLEGAL alien, they are authorized to investigate further, i.e. ask for documents. And, IF they cannot produce documents authorizing their legitimacy, the police may call I.C.E. (Federal authorities)and turn them over.

I recently heard a local speaker invoke “skin color” as the likely reason for this law, thus infusing his audience with conjecture and false premise. A portion of that audience was no doubt gullible enough to fall for it. Fact is: a large portion of Arizona police officers are … (guess what) Hispanic! Will they also be accused of (shhh) racial profiling?

 The law is so popular, more than 70 percent of polled Arizonians favor the law, including thousands of Hispanics. Plus, at least 14 other states are considering enacting the same law. Is the president prepared to sue more than a dozen states? Is the president prepared to go against the wishes of nearly two-thirds of American citizens?

I once gave credit to Mr. Obama as being smart. I take it back.

And why hasn’t the Obama administration filed suit against the state of Oklahoma, which has passed a similar law?

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And why hasn’t the Obama administration filed suit against the state of Virginia, which has passed a similar law?  

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 If this keeps up, Atty Gen. Eric Holder is going to be so busy filing suits against his own country, he won’t have time to prosecute terrorists. No wonder he let the Black Panther poll racists off the hook.

Is Mr. Obama entering into a civil war of litigation? I wonder.

Mr. Obama makes mockery of the new law by ridiculing the requirement for officers to ask for identification.  I suppose Mr. Obama did not have much contact with law enforcement officers in his life, so let’s give him an update.

It is perfectly routine in the United States ( and on demand in other countries) for a police officer to ask for identification, as in:

* Being stopped for traffic violations

* Being a principal or important witness in a criminal investigation

* Donating blood

* Job applications

* Military applications

* College applications

* Insurance applications

* For boarding commercial aircraft

* For being profiled as a youngster at a liquor store or bar

* Credit card purchases

*  A myriad of other occasions

I show my identification for one reason or another, at least a half dozen times a week. And I’m not illegal! But…it’s more important for Mr. Obama to protect those illegals, not because they are poor huddled masses yearning to be free, but because they smell like 12 million juicy votes in future elections. Let’s get real.

I still wonder whose side this administration is on.

The day police officers are forbidden to ask people for I.D., is the day we’ve handed over the nation to the anarchists.