Some folks think Sharia Law is just part of religious dogma, similar to orthodox Jewish and strict fundamentalist Christian dogma. Think again.

This article is for those who really don’t understand what Sharia is all about, and why all Americans should be better educated.

Sharia Law is Islamic Law. It is what sets Islam aside from all other major religions in the world, because it is not just a religion, but a strict form of government with inflexible ideologies. It is practiced to a greater or lesser degree, by all Muslims everywhere, instilled as part of the national system of laws in countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so forth. Muslim extremists throughout the world, including millions in Europe and America, have sworn to establish Sharia law as the law of the land, not to be compromised by any existing constitution. It is the guiding light of the Muslim Brotherhood who, by their own pen, have declared the United States as the target of ultimate destruction… from within.

They don’t care if it takes twenty years or a thousand years.

Sharia imposes regulations for all aspects of Islamic life, to an including dietary laws, finance laws, social laws, criminal laws, marital laws, religious laws and a multiplicity of punishments.

Please view this chilling three-minute link which sums stark Sharia.

Click here: Sharia Law

Here’s some examples of Sharia Law:

* Acts of homosexuality is punishable by death

* A man who wants a divorce, must only recite: “I Divorce You” three times and the divorce is final. For a woman, she must receive the consent of her husband.

* A husband is permitted to beat his wife, if she refuses to comply with his demands

* A married woman who is raped, must produce four witnesses — all male — to substantiate the charges. Otherwise she is deemed guilty of adultery and can be sentenced to death by stoning.

* A woman’s testimony is worth one-half the testimony of a male.

* Leaving Islam (Apostates) is punishable by death.

* Drinkers and Gamblers may be flogged

* Death to Muslims who speak against Islam

* Lying and deception is permitted (Taqiyya) if it is used to advance the spread of Islam

That’s a start. The article could reach fifty pages. I’ve provided additional links (below) for those who want to investigate further. It’s quite extensive.

What folks don’t know, is that the so-called peaceful installation of Sharia within our societies is part of the overall Jihad movement. The duty and object of Jihadists is to overtake western institutions by any means possible — not only through terror — to ultimately establish Islam as the dominant government in all countries in the world. It’s the final decree of the Prophet, Muhammed. It’s the calling that has been loyally followed by Muslims in the world since 632 A.D. It’s not going away. Any forms of capitulation by western governments is seen not just as weakness, but one more step toward victory as Sharia creeps inside the free world.

Shariah banking is not just about banking, it’s about politics, economics and power, that proverbial foot-in-the-door which explains why sheiks and mullahs have been targeting western banks. Those same Islamic overseers who have made an imprint on such institutions as AIG and Citigroup are there to send your money and my money to “charities” which is required in Sharia (known as Zagat). In truth, whatever charities receive those benefits are kept secret, which means millions of our dollars could be funding terrorism and the Jihad movement in general.

Check out this revealing article:

Click here: Sharia Compliant Finance : Financing Our Own Demise?

Multi-millions of Saudi petro-dollars have been funneled into major American universities with one objective in mind: Advance the spread of Islam (and Sharia). That money, which Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, Georgetown and hundreds more willingly accept, is nothing more than bribery so that curriculums will explode with Islamic teachings, foot baths and Islamic professors in order to advance the cause outside the classroom, and to fund the MSA (Muslim Students of America), the all-powerful organization designated to advance Islam and shut down freedoms of speech on campus by anyone who denounces the spread of Sharia.

Sadly, it’s all working. The whores of Harvard, Georgetown and others, don’t care about America’s future. They care about dollars. They are no different that dirty politicians, who sell out their country for big bucks and power.

If you consider yourself a true lover of America, willing to be informed of the true perils that will be facing our grandchildren, I urge you to study the Sharia movement, and to reject any political candidates that show signs of weakness and compromise. That’s just what the enemy is looking for. Let’s not give it to them.

Please view this seven-minute video interview with Clare Lopez, former CIA agent, who talks about infiltration of our government:

Click here: Video: “Islamist-supporters infiltrate Obama Admin

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