They don’t get it. Starting with Barack Obama down to the lowest level administration appointee, and most of the Democrats in congress, no one is paying attention to the will of the people.

Politicians voraciously watch polls from day to day, trying to determine the leanings of the American populous. But do they care?

The reason the Tea Party has gained so much traction, is the enormous chasm that’s been created among plan-folkAmericans and their representatives in government. It’s not one single issue, but a plethora of issues that have added up to a single word: Betrayal.

If recent gubernatorial elections and primaries are any gauge, the majority Democratic Party will soon be a minority, much like what happened in 1994. And it will happen because they are not listening to the people. Rather, they are targeting minority voting blocks as their resource for winning the next election. Big mistake.

Obama gained the White House on the heels of Independents who teetered until election day and then voted against the Republican establishment, John McCain in hopes of a new America. Those same Independents will not be voting for Mr. Obama again. Watch and listen, many of them are demonstrating in the streets with Tea Party protesters, demanding representation, not domination. Demanding less government, not more government. Demanding less debt, not more debt. Demanding more jobs, not less jobs.

They can say polls mean nothing. If that were true, politicians and elected officials would not hire strategy experts on staff. Here are some of the polls…the will of American voters…that this administration, and the Democratic Party is ignoring:

CNN: 60% Want Gitmo Kept Open; Up From 47% in Jan. 2009

Quinnipiac: 59% Favor Military Tribunals For 9/11 Terrorists

Washington Post/ABC News: 55% Favor Military Tribunals For 9/11 Terrorists

CBS: Most Americans Want Gitmo Kept Open

Rasmussen: Just 35% Say US Safer Today Than Before 9/11

Zogby: 55% Of Independents Want Gitmo Open

Quinnipiac: 60% Of All Americans Want Gitmo Open

Gallup: 64% Oppose Closing Gitmo & Moving Detainees To U.S.

Rasmussen: 58% Support Waterboarding & Aggressive Interrogation Tactics

Rasmussen: Majority In Illinois Oppose Gitmo Transfers To Prison In IL

Gallup: Support for Israel in U.S. at 63%, Near Record High

NBC:  Click here: NBC Astonished Poll Finds Most Support Arizona Law Rasmussen:  Click here: 70% of Arizona Voters Favor New State Measure

Rasmussen: Health Care Reform – Rasmussen Reports™

FOX News Poll: Americans Want Less Government, Less Spending

Rasmussen: 62% Want Stimulus Plan to Have More Tax Cuts, Less Spending

Get the picture?

That’s just a sampling. I don’t think Mr. Obama does, nor most Democrats, which is why their tenure is going to be short lived.