Imagine if the Japanese had the audacity to demand a Shinto Temple be built near the site of the USS Arizona on Pearl Harbor just nine years after December 7th, 1941.  Not only would there have been an outcry from the public and families of servicemen all over the nation, but both aisles of congress as well as the Democrat in the Oval Office would have been duly outraged.

Then again, our congress was laden with patriots 60 years ago.

Fast forward to 2010. Are you sitting down? A thirteen story, $100,000 million Islamic mosque has been approved for construction in the shadow of the destroyed World Trade Center known as “Ground Zero.” 

In case folks have forgotten, 2,976 innocent people were killed in one clean swoop on September 11th, 2001, on our soil, in an act of war … more killed than at Pearl Harbor. As they do in all suicide murder missions, Muslims terrorists cried, “Allah Akbar,” as the planes impaled into the buildings. The killings were carried out in the name of Islam!

This is nothing less than – “In Your Face, America.” And our weak-kneed “leaders” bend like rubber puppets, salivating over oil and tolerance, forever prepared to capitulated anything in the name of liberalism.

Dead Americans?  So what.  Threats to destroy America and replace it with an Islamic caliphate?  So what. Dishonor for those killed on 9/11, and for their loved ones? So what.

Nearly every act of terror around the world, up to five hundred a year leaving thousands killed and maimed, are perpetrated in the name of Islam. Yet, we kiss ass.

Now, some of you are going to tell me that:

1)   Not all Muslims are terrorists. Most Muslims are “moderate.”

2)  A mosque is a religious sanctuary, protected by the First amendment.

3)  I’m bigoted and prejudiced against Muslims.

Let’s start with number 1).  All Muslim terrorists are jihadists. For those who haven’t yet learned about Jihad, it is technically a “religious struggle” which is the motivation for initiating doctrines and strateegies for ultimate world domination by Islam. Jihad does not always entail “terror.” A myriad of non-violent tactics are used by Jihadists who pose as “moderates” in order to infiltrate western cultures and institutions, with the long range goal of Islamizing America.   Part of the tactical arsenal is the use of “Deceit”  or “Taqiyya.”

Thus, one never knows who is moderate and who is a Jihadist. Many exposed  “moderates” have found their way into prison cells for covertly supporting terror groups around the world. They are often found in the streets of London, Paris, Dearborn and Ft. Lauderdale, chanting and carrying signs that are clearly extremist. Thousands have killed their own wives and daughters for dishonoring Islam. These same “moderate” people work as doctors, engineers, professors, military officers and medical technicians during the day, then conspire with cohorts to support the Jihad movement from within. “Moderate” physicians were involved in the London train bombings killing 52, in 2005.

So, while “moderates” may surely exist, one cannot discern who is, and who is not, “moderate” simply by their own words. I suppose it’s a matter of trust.

2)  Religious sanctuaries are certainly protected by the First amendment. But are all mosques, religious sanctuaries? Experts and scholars such as Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer  have determined that 80 percent (plus) of mosques in America are built, financed, supplied and controlled by Saudi Arabia which exports a form of Islam known as Wahhabism. Wahhabi is among the most extreme fundamentalist forms of Islam in the world, particularly abusive to women and homosexuals. Islamic scholars have referred to some of these sanctuaries as nothing more than “war rooms” in the Jihad struggle. Evidence has shown that many mosques have been used as filtering centers for Jihad radicalism and support for terror, protected under the cloak of religious freedom.

Considering the stated goal of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood is to “destroy the United States from within,” I have a hard time feeling a glow of love and acceptance for building an “In Your Face” mosque within spitting distance of where nearly 3,000 innocent people lost their lives for the love of Allah.
The citizens of New York City recently expressed their outrage. But does the mayor care? Does the NYC political establishment care? Does anyone care?
Mayor Bloomberg would care if his wife and/or children had jumped to the firey deaths off the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. I guarantee it.
3)   To suggest I am prejudiced against Muslims is to suggest that I am prejudiced against Germans, because Germans were Nazis. Certainly, not all Germans were Nazi or Nazi sympathizers. Likewise, all Muslims are not Jihadists or Jihad sympathizers.
But I do hold prejudice against those who would like to see the destruction of America, and their sympathizers. A lot of prejudice. The difference between the two is that the Nazis were forthcoming. They wore the insignias, the uniforms, they performed salutes, held an attitude and propagated the literature.  We knew, absolutely, who they were.
I can’t tell a non-Jihadist from a Jihadist by their occupation, their speech, their clothing or their way of life. But I do know one thing; they all attend mosques and they call themselves devout Muslims. It’s the proverbial, common denominator. Extremists are veiled in “moderacy” in order to carry out their long range missions. Meanwhile, we Americans cannot  — or refuse to — see through the facade.
They are winning the war, folks. And I don’t mean Iraq or Afghanistan.
Here is an articulate Brit (Pat Condell) who wraps it up better than anyone. He asks, “Is America losing its mind?”    (6 minutes) Watch, please.
Interesting enough, I could not find one recent major poll that dared taking on a Yes/No question about the mosque.
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