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The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is not complicated. 

For Israel it can be summed: Survival of it’s existence.

For the Palestinians it can be summed: Destroy Israel. Nothing less.

No compromise.

This isn’t an argument on principals or economic and cultural differences as some would have you believe. This is about Jewish hatred and the sheer numbers of haters that out-populate Jews on earth by a ratio of 100 to 1. Meanwhile, several of those Islamic governments happen to hold an international trump card called “Oil.” Oil = International influence.

That very paragraph defines the motive for all the tilt in international propaganda and the leanings of the useless and impotent United Nations.

For those who think this is a modern era problem, think again. Long before Israel ever became a country, the mullahs of Palestine were conspiring with Hitler to do their share in seeing the Final Solution to success.

Jewish hatred has reigned within the Islamic world since the days of the Prophet, Muhammed, when, during his evangelistic period in Medina, Jews refused to convert to Islam. In one setting, following the Battle of the Trench, over seven hundred Jewish males were beheaded. Then their wives were taken as concubines while children were herded by the thousands into Madrases for Islamic indoctrination.

So, now we have nasty-old Israel — condemned by oil-thirsty nations around the globe – in a position of defending itself from annihilation since the day of its inception in 1948 when three Arab nations declared war — and lost!

Israel was attacked again in 1956, 1967 and 1973. Each time, the Arabs lost. Since, Israel has engaged in a number of mini-wars and skirmishes for no other reason than to defend it’s people from unrelentless bombings and rocket attacks. When they gave Gaza back to the Palestinians in 2005, uprooting thousands of Jewish settlers in a gesture to show conciliation, gratitude was displayed by raining thousands of launched rockets into Israeli townships for the purpose of random murder. So much for conciliation.

War is hell. Some win, some lose. To the spoils go the victor.

Germany and Japan lost WW II. They had to eat dirt, alter their boundaries and rebuild, which the U.S. invested in. Meanwhile, the U.S. maintains presence and control of Islands outside Japan such as Okinawa.

Throughout the history of the world, national boundaries have been altered hundreds of times by winners and losers of wars. It’s part of the risk. If you don’t want to lose, don’t start a war.

If you own a home and provide for your family, it is natural that you will protect your property and the people you love. Consider that as Israel. If you are surrounded on all sides by neighbors who hate you because of a color or religion you cannot and will not change, do you move away at their demand and seek refuge anywhere? If threats of murder and mayhem against your property are incessantly followed by bullets and bombs, are you going to give up and die, or defend yourself?

We all know the answers.

The so-called “Peace Process” in the mid-east laughable. Why? Just read the Hamas Charter.

The unambiguous Charter leaves no wiggle room for negotiations. I’ll provide a link below for anyone who wants to read through the entire document. Meanwhile, here are some excerpts:

* Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.

* Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement. Abusing any part of Palestine is abuse directed against part of religion.

* There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.

Peace process? Give me a break.

It’s always been about destroying Israel, nothing less. Meanwhile, what other country is Israel trying to conquer from within? Where in any of Israel’s objectives does it talk about spreading Judaism throughout the world, as does the Muslim Brotherhood about Islam? Where and when have Israelis organized civilian bombings and murders in train stations, airplanes, buses and restaurants in almost every country in the world, killing multi-thousands of innocent human beings?

Israel is the bad guy…right.

What can be done? Hamas can alter its charter and recognize the right for Israel to exist. Until that happens, there will be no peace in the middle east. That equate to the tiny nation having to constantly defend itself for the next few centuries.

What’s scary is knowing that the powerful media is equally as biased. As I mentioned in my recent blog, subliminal inclusions and exclusions of facts and words have a powerful effect on swaying opinions, and we don’t even know it’s happening. The recent public regurgitation of Jew-hater, Helen Thomas, makes one wonder how often she has engaged in overt and/or covert influence when publishing her left-leaning syndicated columns…which newspapers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post have drooled over.

“If the Palestinians laid down their arms, there were be peace in the middle east. If the Israelis laid down their arms, there would be no Israel.”

That’s why Israel boards ships headed for Gaza, to make sure killing machines aimed for Jews are not on board, as promised by the Hamas Charter. And, which proves to be true. You either survive, or you die. See the video below: 

Click here: Bateaux Humanitaires – Voici la Vérité « Blog du site

Click here: Hamas Charter and Their Intentions

Click here: YouTube – Helen Thomas tells Jews to go back to Germany



 They don’t get it. Starting with Barack Obama down to the lowest level administration appointee, and most of the Democrats in congress, no one is paying attention to the will of the people.

Politicians voraciously watch polls from day to day, trying to determine the leanings of the American populous. But do they care?

The reason the Tea Party has gained so much traction, is the enormous chasm that’s been created among plan-folkAmericans and their representatives in government. It’s not one single issue, but a plethora of issues that have added up to a single word: Betrayal.

If recent gubernatorial elections and primaries are any gauge, the majority Democratic Party will soon be a minority, much like what happened in 1994. And it will happen because they are not listening to the people. Rather, they are targeting minority voting blocks as their resource for winning the next election. Big mistake.

Obama gained the White House on the heels of Independents who teetered until election day and then voted against the Republican establishment, John McCain in hopes of a new America. Those same Independents will not be voting for Mr. Obama again. Watch and listen, many of them are demonstrating in the streets with Tea Party protesters, demanding representation, not domination. Demanding less government, not more government. Demanding less debt, not more debt. Demanding more jobs, not less jobs.

They can say polls mean nothing. If that were true, politicians and elected officials would not hire strategy experts on staff. Here are some of the polls…the will of American voters…that this administration, and the Democratic Party is ignoring:

CNN: 60% Want Gitmo Kept Open; Up From 47% in Jan. 2009

Quinnipiac: 59% Favor Military Tribunals For 9/11 Terrorists

Washington Post/ABC News: 55% Favor Military Tribunals For 9/11 Terrorists

CBS: Most Americans Want Gitmo Kept Open

Rasmussen: Just 35% Say US Safer Today Than Before 9/11

Zogby: 55% Of Independents Want Gitmo Open

Quinnipiac: 60% Of All Americans Want Gitmo Open

Gallup: 64% Oppose Closing Gitmo & Moving Detainees To U.S.

Rasmussen: 58% Support Waterboarding & Aggressive Interrogation Tactics

Rasmussen: Majority In Illinois Oppose Gitmo Transfers To Prison In IL

Gallup: Support for Israel in U.S. at 63%, Near Record High

NBC:  Click here: NBC Astonished Poll Finds Most Support Arizona Law Rasmussen:  Click here: 70% of Arizona Voters Favor New State Measure

Rasmussen: Health Care Reform – Rasmussen Reports™

FOX News Poll: Americans Want Less Government, Less Spending

Rasmussen: 62% Want Stimulus Plan to Have More Tax Cuts, Less Spending

Get the picture?

That’s just a sampling. I don’t think Mr. Obama does, nor most Democrats, which is why their tenure is going to be short lived.









“Limbaugh Marries For Fourth Time.”
Such was the heading in a recent USA Today sidebar article.
So, what’s wrong with this?
In three sentences, the piece describes Rush Limbaugh’s wedding to Ms. Kathryn Rogers in West Palm Beach. Harmless copy, indeed.

A couple years back, I wrote about a newspaper headline in Cincinnati which read:

“White Cop Shoots Black Suspect.” It wasn’t until you got into the meat of the story that the reader discovered the officer(s) were shooting back at a suspect who was shooting at them, thus it was a self defense, justifiable act.

I wondered to myself: If the racial equation was any different, would the headline have read “Black Cop Shoots White Suspect?” … Or… “Black Cop Shoots Black Suspect?”

Well, we all know the answer to that. Fact is, the headline immediately incites anti-police sentiment among minorities that are generally inclined to dislike cops to begin with. It is a subtle way of suggesting an act of “racism” had been committed by law enforcement, unless the reader chooses to read the entire story…which does not always happen.

Deliberate or not, news channels and newspapers have enormous power over citizens by installing subliminal messages. By doing so, folks do not even realize their thought patterns are being manipulated.

The 2008 presidential campaign serves as a gross example of media-mind manipulation. An editorial written by Obama was gladly published in the left-leaning New York Times, while another editorial by right-leaning John McCain was submitted to the same paper, but never published.

The gushing news anchors from all three major networks traveled with Obama during his European visits, covering his every charismatic speech and behind the scenes repartee, while none traveled with John McCain to feature his strengths.

And the people never noticed. Regardless of Obama’s two autobiographies, an enormous number of questions still lingered about Obama’s secretive history, including the conspicuous absence of college records, his ties to extremists and close associations with sordid anti-Americans, all of which begged questions about his loyalty as an American leader. These issues are still unresolved, in the minds of millions.

So, what does this have to do with “Limbaugh Marries For The Fourth Time?”

The headline could have read, “Rush Limbaugh Marries Woman From West Palm Beach.” However, the reader will now zero in on “For The Fourth Time,” as though that is the issue that defined the event. Some, not all, readers will read no further and judge Rush Limbaugh accordingly; a man who has failed in three past marriages. So…what’s one more? A history of bad decisions. So much for the credibility of Rush Limbaugh.

Frankly, I’m not a big fan of Limbaugh though I agree with many of his political points of view. I rarely listen, because I find him pompous and predictable.

But we should all be aware of how our mental images are being molded by a few words in the title of a story, that really isn’t the story at all.







 John O. Brennan. Remember the name.

Currently, he is assistant to the president and Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. It’s believed that Mr. Brennan was also considered to head the CIA. Perhaps, one day, he may take Hillary’s place as Secretary of State…but that’s speculation.

I’ll save editorial comments for the conclusion.

During a recent speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Mr. Brennan described violent extremists as “victims of political, economic and social forces.”  (Victims?) He added, that those who plot violence against the United States should not be described in religious terms, i.e Islamists.

I hope you’re sitting down. Remember, this is one of our leaders with whom our government has placed enormous trust.

He added, that we do not describe our enemy as “Jihadists” or “Islamists” because Jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam.

Click here: ObamaAdviser Jihad “Legitimate Tenet of Islam”

The following video is 40 seconds:

Click here: Newsmax – Brennan: Jihad a ‘Legitimate Tenet of Islam’

Now, we know Mr. Brennan is a well educated man, and that the technical definition for the term “Jihad” means struggle. That might fool some of us, but not most of us. We also know, by watching hundreds of radical demonstrations, listening to hundreds of Imams around the world, and reading doctrines formulated by al Qaeda, Hamas, and their international parent organization, The Muslim Brotherhood, that the term ‘Jihad” is most explicitly used to inspire millions of murderers and potential murderers around the globe to kill in the name of Allah.

“Jihad”, is also widely used as the inspiration to infiltrate western institutions for the purpose of one day creating an Islamic caliphate and to completely dominate the future world. Documents written by the Muslim Brotherhood itself speak to the definition of Jihad, which clearly state:

The process of settlement [of Islam in the United States] is a “Civilization-Jihadist” process with all the word means. The Ikhwan (Brothers) must understand that all their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” their miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who choose to slack.

Mr. Brennan surely knows all these things. Yet, he lies. At the very least, he deceives. The sterilized, sugar-coating of Islamic Jihad to present a harmless image is more important to him, than telling the hard truth. His job is to fool you and me. Virtually all of the world’s terrorist upheaval and religious intimidations throughout Europe and the Americas, are rooted in Islamic Jihad, not just today, but in the last 1400 years.

Mr. Brennan is our president’s hot choice for heading up one of the most vital segments of government entrusted with preserving our union and the future of America. One can only assume, the president endorses this kind of propaganda. Worrisome, indeed, because the Muslim Brotherhood has made their intentions explicit by…“Destroying western civilization from within.”
Mr. Brennan is not the only vital public servant in the Obama administration reluctant to tell the truth. At a recent hearing before congress, Attorney General Eric Holder basically refused to allow the term “Radical Islam” flow from his lips, no matter how pressed by a congressman. He refused to acknowledge that the radical side of Islam has played a major role in the global terror scene. This is our Attorney General. Watch:

Click here: YouTube – Eric Holder Refuses To Say “Radical Islam”  

I ask my more liberal minded friends, why are these good things? How can this kind of thinking at the highest levels in Washington, be accepted, even applauded? This is not a rhetorical question.

Meanwhile, two “Devout Muslims” have been appointed into high positions inside our Department of Homeland Security. That appointment was made days after a Jihad infiltrator by the name of Nidal Hassan, at the rank of Major,a physician, calculatedly murdered 13 Americans and wounded 29 others on our own military base, Ft. Hood…in the name of Islam!
 The families of the thousands who have perished at the hands of Islamic terrorists must be utterly disgusted.
 Dwight Eisenhower would throw up in his grave, if he knew.
I’ve asked before, I’ll ask again: Whose side is he on?
You cannot defeat an enemy if you’re afraid to name the enemy.
This blog represents but a few tidbits. There’s enough to write a book. Matter of fact, try reading “The Manchurian President” by Aaron Klein. 


What the media and the UN is not telling you, is that the actions taken by Israel during the boarding of a Palestinian relief ship was perfectly legal and anticipated. (See final link, below) One must remember, that Israel is surrounded by states that have sworn its total destruction, and…their citizens have had over 6000 rockets rained upon them in the last decade…which the international community treats as though its no big deal. Thus, Israel is ever alert to intercept weapons and war machinery that may be headed the way of Hamas.
Click here: YouTube – Gaza flotilla participants invoked killing of Jews  
Six vessels with relief supplies headed for Gaza were into Israeli waters. The lead ship were ready and armed for the incident knowing it would be a propaganda coup. Israeli soldiers were armed with non-lethal paint guns, and sidearms which would only be used as last resort.
The Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) was responsible for dispatching the Gaza flotilla. IHH was founded in Istanbul in 1995 and has well documented ties to Islamic terrorist organizations, including Hamas and al Qaeda. For more information on IHH, suggest you Google.
I thought folks would like a blow by blow account of what really happened.
The following report was gleaned from AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee)
On May 31, the Israel Defense Forces intercepted six ships, known as the “Free Gaza” flotilla. The flotilla attempted to break Israel’s blockade of the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. Despite claiming its primary aim was to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, in reality, its objective was to provoke Israel and incite international scrutiny on the blockade.
The flotilla was sponsored by the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation—an organization tied to various Islamic terrorist groups including Hamas and al Qaeda. Israel’s interception of the ships—and the deaths of nine individuals, including some radicals with ties to terrorist groups—have garnered tremendous media attention and international condemnation. The following is a timeline of events surrounding Israel’s interception of the “Free Gaza” flotilla:
MAY 25, 2010:
Aware of the upcoming “Free Gaza” flotilla, Israel advises Turkey and other governments, whose nationals were planning to participate, that it will not allow the self styled humanitarian mission to breach its defensive naval blockade of Gaza. Instead, Israel offers to offload all humanitarian goods in the port of Ashdod and have United Nations personnel deliver the items to Gaza. Turkey rejects the offer; other European governments try to dissuade their nationals from participating to no avail.
MAY 28, 2010:
600 pro Palestinian passengers, including radicals with ties to terrorist groups and dozens of women and children—boarded the Mavi Marmara ship in Antalya, Turkey—the lead vessel in the “Free Gaza” flotilla. Organized by the Islamist ‘Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation’ (IHH) — which has links to terrorist groups including Hamas and al Qaeda—the stated goal of the mission was to provide “humanitarian aid” to Palestinians in Gaza. Many though, saw the flotilla as something entirely different.
“This mission is not about delivering humanitarian supplies, it’s about breaking Israel’s siege on 1.5 million Palestinians,” said a flotilla participant. Violent celebratory rallies where crowds yelled chants invoking death to Jews, sent off flotilla leader and IHH President Bulent Yildirim and his supporters on their way to international waters, where they would meet up with five other ships departing from Turkey, Greece and Ireland.
En route, Arab news channel Al Jazeera broadcasts interviews with passengers exalting jihadist martyrdom and singing Palestinian intifada songs.
 MAY 29, 2010:
Hamas consents to broadcast on its state controlled Al Aqsa television in Gaza, an interview with a leading Gaza professor calling on flotilla passengers to engage in martyrdom with the people of Gaza.
MAY 30, 2010:
Despite repeated warning from the Israel Defense Forces, all six vessels making up the “Free Gaza” flotilla continue their voyage toward Israel’s maritime security zone. Aboard the Mavi Marmara, Yildirim tells Turkish television, “We will definitely resist and we will not allow the Israelis to enter here.”

He continues, “The Israelis think that the more soldiers they send, the less casualties there will be among the activists. On this ship there are also women and children. The whole world knows this. We’ll show them what it means to board the ship. If Israel wants to board this ship, it will meet strong resistance.”

MAY 31, 2010:
Israeli Navy personnel warn all six flotilla ships that they are about to enter restricted waters. Israel again offers to collect humanitarian aid and have it delivered to the Gaza Strip by the United Nations. The ships, again, refuse to comply.The Israeli Navy begins boarding the flotilla vessels—equipped with paint ball rifles to ensure minimum casualties. Their hand guns were to be used as a means of last resort.
Passengers aboard five of the six ships cooperate with Israeli forces—the Mavi Marmara does not.
Aboard the Mavi Marmara, Yildirim announces, “We are going to resist and resistance will win.” Militants on the ship begin yelling, “Intifada! Intifada!”
As the first Israeli soldier is lowered by helicopter onto the Mavi Marmara, militants onboard tried connecting the steel cables from the overhead helicopters to the boat’s antenna, in order to cause the helicopters to crash.
As Israeli soldiers continue boarding the ship, Mavi Marmara passengers begin severely beating the soldiers with iron rods, stabbing them with knives and trying to lynch them. One soldier is thrown off the deck.
While Israeli soldiers tried to gain control of the situation, militant mobs continued to beat them. Two Israeli soldiers had their pistols stolen and groups of passengers started shooting live fire at the Israelis.
Video was captured of a Mavi Marmara passenger stabbing an Israeli soldier in the back.
After reporting back to their commanders, Israeli soldiers on board the ship were given the order to defend themselves using live ammunition. According to official reports, nine flotilla passengers, including radicals with ties to terrorist groups aboard the Mavi Marmara, were killed during Israel’s defensive operation; seven Israeli commandoes were injured.
Eventually, all six flotilla ships were escorted to the Israeli port of Ashdod where a number of participants were detained. Those with injuries were taken by the Israel Navy to hospitals in Israel for medical treatment; several other participants were deported and sent home.
 Despite the violent attack on Israeli soldiers by militant passengers aboard the Mavi Marmara, Israel made the decision to coordinate the transport of all humanitarian goods from each of the six ships, to the Gaza Strip.
 Some supporting video links:

Click here: YouTube – Israeli Navy Soldier Describes


Click here: YouTube – IDF Transfers Humanitarian Aid

 The anti-Israeli forces thoughout the world, and in the U.S., will undoubtedly use this contrived event (deliberately perpetrated) to muster demonstrations and violence, and to sway world opinion….as usual…against Jews and Israel. So as it plays out, remember what happened here. Israel was totally within its legal rights to board and inspect, without resistance.