Many folks have asked, “Okay. What can we do?”

There’s no better question. Because it means that folks are beginning to wake up and realize that the threat is looming greater and greater with each day. It means, people are ready to start doing something, anything, whatever they can.

It was after 9/11 that I endeavored to begin learning all I could about the threat of radical Islam in the world. And when I dug deep, studying volumes of books by scholars and experts, including Muslims, and hundreds of articles, the hair stood up on my arm. I realized we — Americans — had not a clue how wide spread and ominous the threat to our nation is. Even scarier, was to learn how little people cared, or how much Americans were in denial.

Today, four years after I published my book, “Militant Islam In America,” much of what I predicted is coming to fruition as the forces of Islamic extremism are succeeding in all their efforts to slowly, but surely, blanket our land with a new government, using our own constitution as a shield of protection, and our own ignorance and naivety as a target for success.

I had predicted that Islam, or its sympathizers, would slowly infiltrate all the infrastructural aspects of our country, including educational institutions, financial institutions, law enforcement, prisons and jails, major businesses, media, the military and the government itself. It has happened, right under our noses. And it’s we who are to blame. We’ve let it happen. We’ve fallen for the ruse. Americans have been duped into believing everything and anything they wanted to hear, while ignoring all the warning signs.

By now, you’ve read scores of my blogs, and hundreds of others. You know the threat. So, we’ll get to the prevailing question: What can we do?

There’s no one single answer. But are some actions you can take as individual citizens:

1) Get Smart. Educate yourself. Knowledge is power. There are scores of books and publications which are written by scholars, experts, mid-east immigrants and Muslim apostates who have all the facts to share, if you’re willing to open your minds to reality. The Internet has many sites and videos which are maintained for the very purpose of educating the public, and it’s all available for free. (I’ll list several at the end of this blog.)

Radical Islam is counting on American ignorance, naivety and stupidity…especially amid the young.

2) Share your education and knowledge with the less educated and knowledgeable. Get the word out to everyone, particularly the skeptics and naysayers who insist on denying the obvious.

Do all you can to present facts and information which can be backed up, not personal opinions.

3) Vote smart. Don’t allow our enemies to gain any more of a foothold in our government. I don’t care if you are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Independent (like myself), get “party loyalty” out of your head. Vote the person who will openly stand up to radical Islam, much like Rudy Guilliani did when he refused dirty oil money from a Saudi sheik after 9/11.

4) Get involved. Don’t be afraid. Stand up for your country and the future of America. Brigitte Gabriel maintains an organization called “Act For America” which provides on-line informational material on a constant basis. ACT has organized chapters in every state, where patriotic Americans meet once a month, listen to speakers, discuss strategies and threats and gain the ear of local politicians. There is probably a chapter within driving distance of most readers. Check out the web site:

Click here: Act! for America – Home

5) Include your kids and grandkids in the information network. They are the future. They are the kids who will soon be voting. They are the voters who unfortunately gravitate to facade and imagery while ignoring hard facts that will negatively affect their futures. We taught our kids the threats of international Communism back in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. We need to do the same with radical Islam today.

6) Support candidates for office who are unafraid and undaunted by the power of radical Islam, even if they are not from your district. Especially those who will openly name radical Islam as the enemy of the United States, i.e., Lt. Col. Allen West, candidate for congress from West Palm Beach. Rep. Sue Myrick, ( R) of N.C. is among the few who have the guts to stand up and speak the truth. These are the leaders who will make a difference in the nation’s future.

7) Write letters. Swamp letters. (Hard copy letters with stamps – not e-mails) Write regular Letters to the Editor. Letters to any American institutions that pander to, submit to, or take bribe money from Saudi Arabia or radical Islamic extremist organizations. Includes colleges and universities, corporate CEOs, congressmen and senators. Send letters to banks that have partnered with Islam, i.e. Sharia finance. Writer letters to, or publicly expose, tax-supported schools that indoctrinate kids, covertly or overtly, with Islamic teachings… (masked as cultural diversity) to the exclusion of other religions.

8 )  Withhold investments in any organizations, private or public, that support the goals of Islamic jihad. The Saudis, and the Muslim Brotherhood, are geniuses at targeting the greatest weakness of western society: Greed. They know that money buys influence, strengthens their cause and moves mountains. Americans have been all-too-willing to partner with those who would do us harm, all for the love of profit.

9) Expose, Expose, Expose. The Internet is replete with ghastly examples of what Sharia Law will bring to the western world, it’s a matter of sharing that information with as many people as possible. Honor killings, beheadings, homosexual abuse, female abuse, political intimidation, instilling fear, deceit, lies, terror cells and secret Islamic enclaves distributed all over North America, veiled as “religious retreats.”

10) Cleanse the government. While this is covered in Item 3, “Vote Smart,” I cannot stress enough, that the current administration is the best friend Islamic jihad in America has ever had. Volumes have been written that expose Mr. Obama and his closest confidants as chronic capitulators and panderers who suck up to Islam, appointing devout Muslims to high positions within the Homeland Security Department, apologizing for America to the Islamic world, and refusal to allow his minions to specifically identify radical Islam as the source of world terror.

You can’t fight an enemy you’re not willing to identify, and this administration refuses to do that, as does many of the wimp leaders of congress.

That’s some of what we can do as individuals. In a separate blog, I will suggest what the U.S. government can do as an institution.

Meanwhile, the listings below are web sites and books which would be of interest to those willing to learn and/or stay up-to-date:


INFILTRATION –by Paul Sperry

HOLY WAR ON THE HOME FRONT – by Harvey Kushner



ISLAM AND THE JEWSby Mark Gabriel 

 INSIDE THE KINGDOM – by Carmen Bin Laden

THE HISTORY OF ISLAM – by Robert Payne

THE INFIDELS – by David Anderson



AMERICA ALONE – by Mark Steyn



BECAUSE THEY HATE – by Brigitte Gabriel

STEALTH JIHADBy Robert Spencer

MUSLIM MAFIA – By P. David Gaubatz & Paul Sperry

THEY MUST BE STOPPED– Brigitte Gabriel

 TAKING BACK ISLAM – Edited by Michael Wolfe