A follow up to my recent blog, same subject: Arizona’s new state law.

Folks who think we’re picking on the poor illegal immigrants must read this telltale essay by an Arizona state senator, who brings it home with facts and statistics… telling how and what American citizens who live on the border are coping with DAILY… American citizens…the victims of constant onslaught of invaders who are committing crime after crime and getting away with it, while the impotent Border Patrol is not within 60 miles of the border.
The federal government, under G.W. Bush and under this president have been shamefully neglectful of the rights of citizens, putting politics ahead of safety and security for Americans, in violation of  the oath of office. There is a crisis going on, and all the president, and his administration can think about is whether we might be profiling or not.
If the government cared, they’d be bringing residents, farmers and school principals who live on the border, to Washington D.C. to testify before congress, one by one, about the violent conditions that Americans are being forced to live under, thanks to political correctness. But that’s not happening.
Folks who think amnesty is the answer will be in for a horror show if it should ever pass. For that’s when the flood gates will  come down permenantly. 
Bye Bye America.
I hope all bleeding hearts will read the startling facts.  Mrs. Allen puts it in terms better than anyone. Here’s the link: