Kudos to the State of Arizona for passing legislation that does what the federal government has failed to do: Crack down on lawbreakers who don’t belong in the United States.

Every administration since Jimmy Carter — from both parties — has promised to enact measures that will ensure border security and protect taxpaying citizens from crime, violence and economic despair. Every administration has not only failed, they’ve exacerbated the problems so that, finally, the states have to take matters into their own hands.

Now, frustrated police officers of Arizona will be able to perform their duty: Make streets safer in America.

The new law requires:

* Immigrants to produce lawful identification to police officers

* Arresting immigrants who cannot produce evidence of legal status

* Aiders and abetters of illegal immigrants to face penalties

It’s what Americans want. It’s what Americans are crying out for. It protects, not violates, the basic rights of Americans — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…and a lawful society.

According to Gallup, the most liberal of pollsters, 51 percent of Americans favor the new law, while 39 percent oppose.

A Rasmussen Poll shows that 70 percent of likely Arizona voters support the new bill.

A Zogby study recently found that 79 percent of adults polled think that illegal aliens are not entitled to the same rights and basic freedoms as U.S. citizens.

Some will say that these folks are simple “undocumented workers” seeking only a better life in the land of milk and honey. That may be true for one segment, but there is another huge segment of illegals that bring a scourge of disorder, identity theft, violence and murder, drug smuggling and human trafficking along the way. That, plus opening the gates for terrorists hell-bent on the destruction of America while disguised as poor “undocumented workers.”

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While appeasers continue to support illegal immigration, no matter the peril to millions of law abiding taxpayers, the fact remains that the southern region of border states have been a zone of economic disaster and terror during the last decade. That doesn’t even address the soaring costs of education, health care, housing and other entitlements that drain the economy.

Our system is set up to benefit law abiding taxpayers, not aliens who decide our money is their money, our country is their country, but our laws are Not their laws.

Meanwhile, the president and his followers decry the Arizona law as an avenue to violate civil liberties, i.e racial profiling. I’ve got news. The civil liberties of law abiding Americans take priority over civil liberties of foreign, non-taxpaying, uninvited lawbreakers.

Profiling is a fact of life, not a dirty word. If the police are faced with serial killers who are generally described as blond, blue-eyed males under thirty, the police will be stopping young men of that description. That’s the profile for the killers.

The general profile for illegal aliens, especially in Arizona, are Hispanics from Mexico or Central America. Yes, the police will be checking Hispanics who appear to be Mexican or Nicaraguan. Those who illegally entered the United States will face charges. That’s pure law enforcement. Otherwise, why have laws?

Average folks don’t realize the nightmare that exists for law enforcement, and the victims of crime, when undocumented people invade our communities. I worked for Miami-Dade police in May of 1980 when Castro pulled a coup by releasing 120,000 undesirables — including mental patients and criminals — from a port called Mariel, all of whom landed on the shores of South Florida. Almost overnight, the crime rate doubled, with murders and rapes tripling while overworked police were stymied with no ability to identify victims or criminals. Hospitals and schools were suddenly inundated with no increase in staffing. Tent cities were set up under expressways. Yet, some folks made cops out to be the bad guys.

It took years to overcome the impact.

The president and his party will be offering “comprehensive immigration reform” as a solution. Translated, that means amnesty for illegals. Pardon my cynicism, but I have serious doubts about the motive of our politicians. Twelve million legalized aliens will provide a giant new voting block for one political party. It’s not about altruism. It’s about power.

Arizona should serve as a shining example of how to protect Americans. That’s numero uno.

Let’s hope other border states follow suit, that way criminals and supporters of criminals can boycott all the border states.

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