Congratulations are in order. Miss Rim Fakih, a Lebanese immigrant representing Dearborn, Michigan, was named Miss USA at the conclusion of the annual pageant in May 2010.

Many will cheer diversity, that a naturalized immigrant, and Muslim besides, could be crowned as our nations representative at the Miss Universe contest in .

But, many are not so pleased. As Paul Harvey might say, here’s the rest of the story.

During the interview phase in which the final five are posed questions directly by judges, none could have been more loaded than the one posed to Miss Oklahoma by actor, Oscar Nunez. It was widely believed that Miss Oklahoma was the front runner at this point.

He asked what her thoughts were about the new anti-illegal immigration law recently passed in Arizona. Hmmm. The audience booed. Obviously, they thought it inappropriate. It was.

Fact: There was no right or wrong answer, other than the personal biases of the eight judges, most of whom are clearly left leaning. Mr. Nunez has made no secret of his political views, being a Latino immigrant himself, living in Los Angeles, and passionately loyal to the Democratic party. She could only answer very good, or…very bad.

Anyone want to wager what his position is on the Arizona law? Just listen to the wording:

Click here: Miss Oklahoma Believes in State’s rights

If Miss Oklahoma had said, “I oppose the Arizona law,” she likely would have won, hands down. To her credit, she spoke her conscience stating, “I’m a huge believer in states rights. That’s what’s so wonderful about America. It was perfectly fine for Arizona to create that law. I am against illegal immigration, but I am also against racial profiling.”

Bye bye, Miss Oklahoma.

If anyone says that her final scores were not skewed by politics…I have that beachfront house to sell you in Antarctica.

Talk about unfair.

Here’s the question posed to the woman from Michigan: “Do you believe that birth control should be paid for by health insurance?”

Answer (summaraized): “I believe that birth control is just like any other medication because it’s a controlled substance. It should be covered by insurance because it’s costly.”

Check out the second video down, on this youtube

Click here: Miss USA 2010: Final Interview Round Highlights

First of all, birth control pills are not listed as a “controlled substance.
Secondly, birth control paid for by health insurance would be suggesting that brake jobs should be paid for by auto insurance.
Nevertheless, there was no wrong answer for Miss Michigan. There was no right answer for Miss Oklahoma.
Now, for more:
One can only wonder how and why a Muslim woman, with relatives belonging to Hezbollah, could be permitted to prance around in very non-Muslim like garb, completely against the laws of the Koran.
Debbie Schlussel, attorney, lobbyist, columnist has done extensive research into this contestant. I suggest you read her findings:

 More information available on Ms. Schlussel’s web site: