Eric Holder is a national disgrace. He just added another notch in the case for impeachment.

This is the man who our president trusts the most to represent our country as the highest law enforcement official, who is responsible for the safety and security of all Americans.

I’ll make this short, and let the reader draw his/her own conclusions. Mr. Holder was recently grilled at a congressional hearing about two major issues.

1) Radical Islam’s role in the pursuit of global terrorism

2) The legitimacy of the new Arizona immigration law.

Here was his response to the question about radical Islam (2 minute video):

Click here: YouTube – Eric Holder Refuses To Say “Radical Islam”

Aren’t you proud? Feel safe? Is this the man we want in charge?

Everyone in the world with an I.Q. over two digits who pays attention to world affairs, is fully aware that 99 percent of all global terrorism is attributed to radical Islam. But, not our Attorney General.

Over 67 terrorist attacks resulting in death have been perpetrated in the United States since 1972 by radical Islamists…which does not mention the many attempted plots that have been thwarted, i.e. Christmas bomber, Times Square car bomber, etc. Here’s the list:

Click here: List of Islamic Terror Attacks in America

Radical Islamists have carried out 15,290 terrorist attacks in the world just since 9/11 resulting in multi-thousands of innocent deaths and injuries, in India, Pakistan, Spain, England, Amsterdam, and so on.

Click here: TheReligionofPeace – About the List of Islamic Terror Attacks

 But ask our Attorney General a simple basic question about this subject:  (Shhh) Islam. That’s when we get the proverbial tap dance.

As we know by now, Mr. Holder is contemplating a law suit to nullify the Arizona law which gives law enforcement much needed teeth for fighting crime on the border, particularly crimes by illegal aliens… something the federal government has failed to do for the last forty years. Americans who live on the border are under a virtual seige of terror, but that’s not the main concern of this administration.  When a congressman asked about his opinion after reading the law, this was his answer (three minute video) :

Click here: YouTube – Eric Holder on Arizona Law:

Aren’t you proud?

I’ve written past articles citing Mr. Holder’s sinister motives and negligence in giving aid and comfort to the enemy by electing to try international terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks in civilian courtrooms, where they will be given all the rights of American citizens including counsel at the expense of american taxpayers, where their confessions will be thrown out because the Miranda rights were not invoked, and so forth.

That, plus his weakening of intelligence operations, disclosing secrets, and suspected bias toward the Guantanamo detainees, having come from a law firm that represented 17 of those detainees, and that several of the attorneys that worked in that firm are now on the government payroll.

We are at war. And our enemies could not have a better ally, than Eric Holder.

A plea to the President: Eric Holder must be removed from the Office of Attorney General. President Obama, please admit your error in this appointment, and do it for the American people. Before it is too late.

The only other recourse, would be for a landslide political shift in the November elections, from which impeachment proceedings could follow.

Hamas, Hezbollah and al Qaeda must be laughing and cheering behind closed doors. We’ve got their buddy protecting American citizens.