Depending on what poll, an overwhelming majority (60-80 percent) of people support having state and local police enforcing illegal immigration laws.  (Because the Feds will not) 
What is it about this government that they don’t understand regarding the will of the people? Seventeen states are drafting legislation that is similar to the Arizona law. That’s not bigotry, it’s about survival. It’s about law and order versus anarchy.
Bottom line: Americans are fed up with the invasion of foreigners raiding our communities under the guise of “undocumented workers”, filling prisons, draining entitlement programs, victimizing taxpayers, while the government protects not.
Nor do our representatives….including the   president…live up to their oaths to defend and protect. Instead, they apologize to the alien invaders, pander for their future votes, cow-tow to their Mexican leaders, make stupid excuses to the Chinese, and focus solely on the “profiling” issue regardless of the need to protect Americans and their property.
Meanwhile, terrorists are riding piggyback over the fences, through the tunnels, across the rivers, all with intent to do harm to American citizens and to carry out acts of jihad.  Translated: To destroy America.
And our government protects them.
The sight of our president publically denigrating the will of the Arizona people to the Mexican president was a vile slap in the face of Americans.  Then the Mexican president was provided a platform to complain about our laws, while gullible folks fall for his crapola. Truth is: Mexican illegals send $1 billion a year back to Mexico which stimulates his faltering economy…at our expense.  So, folks, it’s not about altruism. It’s about dollars and politics.
Perhaps Mr. Obama should enter Mexico City and start telling their people which of their laws he disappoves of?
This administration makes me sick. I’ve asked it many times, I’ll ask it again. Whose side are they on?
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