Twenty-three years ago, I met a Canadian woman living in the U.S. as a resident alien. In a cynical but ominous tone, she told me, “You’re giving your country away.”

She was beautiful, fun, alluring, intelligent and unpretentious. She was also a great cook. So, I married her.

Suzanne has never retracted her statement. If anything she is more adamant than ever. She sees the slow but disastrous path this nation is on from the view of an alien, and has no doubt that our grandchildren will be living in a third world nation, looking back on the early 21st century telling their grandchildren what a paradise America was — once.

It’s one thing to be compassionate and giving. It’s another to be plain stupid. Retailers, for example, should be commended when they give to charity and make sure the poor has something to eat. But it’s economic suicide if a retailer gives away the entire store, for then there will be nothing left…for anyone. I fear that’s the direction our country is taking.

Our eventual breakdown can be attributed four primary sources:

* Political corruption – legal and illegal

* Government mismanagement

* Runaway entitlement programs

* Unchecked immigration – legal and illegal

We’ll leave “Corruption” for another article by itself.

Entitlement programs sound nice. Some have been necessary and worthwhile. But not all. And certainly not when they are mismanaged…as the government mismanages almost every department, program and function within its entire bureaucracy.

Government is colossal failure at managing government. And we, the taxpayers, are the losers for it. Still, we keep voting these self-ingratiating morons…of both parties … into office.

Medicaid and Medicare is going broke.

The Postal Service is going broke

Social Security is going broke

The Energy Department has completely failed in all its objectives since its inception

The so-called War on Poverty and welfare systems are still mired in the same deep hole

(And we’re supposed to trust government in running health care?)

Illegal immigration is out of control

Welfare entitlements, busing, affirmative action, and other civil rights programs of the last 45 years find more, not less, black children born to fatherless homes than in 1965.

The Homeland Security Department is confused every time a terror crisis breaks out and then they worry more about political correctness than the security of Americans.

Detroit, Michigan, which has nearly half the population it had twenty years ago, is a microcosm of where the nation is heading. Massive entitlements provided to welfare recipients and auto unions have broken the back of this once great city, to where the law abiding residents are leaving to find jobs elsewhere, the tax base is depleted and crime runs rampant. No one cares that the once-great American (Michigan) communities of Hamtramck and Dearborn have evolved into predominantly Arab-Muslim strongholds where alcohol, ham and bacon is essentially outlawed, Shariah is preferred over the constitution and the Islamic calls to prayer are bellowed five times a day from minarets on loud speakers, in Arabic.

In America.

The biggest difference between immigration of a hundred years ago and immigration of today can be found inside the individual and family attitude toward America. Italian, Asian, Cuban, Polish, Jewish, Russian and even Canadian immigrants never considered themselves at war with the U.S. They considered coming to America a blessing. When they arrived here, they told their kids: “You are an American now. Speak English. Live like an American.” While Poles, Italians, Jews and etc., held on to their rich heritage, they happily assimilated in the promised land and taught their children to be proud Americans.

Not today.

There is no assimilation in the Muslim communities of Dearborn, Mi, Red House,Va., or Minneapolis, Mn. America is not considered a blessing, but an evil empire on the target list for conversion, to make their own. There’s no teaching of American values and customs. Islam first, America second.

I gave a talk at a local library when a nice looking fellow (Caucasian) raised his hand and said he was Muslim and that I should not believe books I read. I invited him to enter into a dialogue. He didn’t. So I asked a pointed question: “Do you ever pledge allegiance to the American Flag, Sir?”

His reply, “No. Never. My only allegiance is to God.”


The recent terrorist who planted a bomb in Times Square was a legal immigrant who became an American citizen. But that was all a ruse. He doesn’t want to be an American, he wants America to be Islamic.

Communities of Mexican and Central Americans who immigrated – legal and illegal – to border states are not assimilating. American schools and government institutions have been intimidated into bending to their culture and language, rather than they blending into ours. Once upon a time, children were encouraged in schools to feel patriotic toward their country. Today, it’s “offensive” for a kid to display an American flag if it offends another ethnic group.

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Many Hispanics in Arizona and California consider the southwest a war zone, to reconquer. And we’re politically correct enough to let it happen under our very noses. Check out this school teacher – in America — at an Hispanic revolutionary rally, declaring Los Angeles as “stolen occupied Mexico.” Check out the cheers. Check out the rhetoric. These are the folks that are being defended (and emboldened) by left wing America.

Click here: YouTube – L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt

I grew up in Miami in the 1940s and 50s and watched the conversion of a southern tourist town virtually transform into a Havana II. I love Cuban music, Cuban food, Cuban culture and have many Cuban friends. But the hard fact is, that half a million Cubanos that live in Miami-Dade don’t bother to learn or to speak English, because they don’t have to. Since the Mariel boat lift of 1980, Miami has largely been converted to their way of life, while most have not adopted the American way of life.

Miami has become to thousands of Cubans what Dearborn has become to Arab Muslims, and what much of the border regions of New Mexico and Arizona have become to Mexicans. If the trends continue, one day there will no longer be an American culture, where we celebrate the likes of Sinatra, Tiger Woods, Miami Dolphins, Betty Crocker, John Grisham, Carrabbas and The Star Spangled Banner. It will be whatever the invaders choose to make it.

I can foresee the day when students that graduate American high schools will have never heard of Thomas Jefferson, Elvis Presley, Neil Armstrong or even Martin Luther King, Jr. They just won’t matter to anyone any more.

Because, there won’t be an America.

Suzanne is correct. We are giving the country away.

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