As usual, the best does not win.

The problem with the show,  is the voters.  Folks who truly are a good judge of talent, are not the people who call in votes by the millions using multiple cell phones on redial. The majority of those are young females who are, not surprisngly, drawn to cute young fellows with raspy voices who playing guitar. Such has been the case in the last three years.  Such was the case last night when Lee Dewyze pulled off a final win as the Idol for 2010 when Crystal Bowersox, clearly, was the greater talent of the two…by far.

Last year, no one could hold a candle to Adam Lambert as a showman, singer and overall talent. He was a show biz dynamo. Yet, the much more subdued, cute fellow with an average voice, guitar playing, Kris Allen, got the most votes from the viewing public. Why? In that case, Lambert made no secret of his gay lifesyle. Thus, the girls would vote for the heterosexual cute guy.

In 2008, it was raspy, guitar playing David Cook, same profile as Kris Allen, same as Lee DeWyze. It’s the girls, stupid!

I would rather see one Simon Cowell select the winner any day, than a zillion screaming fans, many of whom can’t discern real talent before their very eyes. At least we knew that Cowell was brutally frank with his assessments.

My two cents.