Class act, our president.

Nothing like improving relations with the State of Israel by snubbing its Prime Minister, treating him like a third-world nuisance, refusing to take photos together and walking out of a meeting to leave him have dinner in private with his aides.

That’s our prez. And some folks wonder why we’re not proud?

Meanwhile, terrorist organizations and radical Islamists everywhere are undoubtedly cheering behind closed doors.

Sure there’s the issue of Israel building another 1600 apartments in East Jerusalem to the chagrin of Palestinians who are making this a global issue for propaganda purposes.

Why of course, Israel are the bad guys. The Palestinian Arabs are the good guys. What else is new?

Many say it’s Israel who must make concessions. Israel has made concessions over and over again during their 62 years of existence, only to be rewarded with rockets and bombs…over and over. Just five years ago, an enormous concession by then Primer Minister Ariel Sharon, resulted in a pull-out of 8,000 Israeli citizens from Gaza, against the will of his own people, ceding that land which had been conquered in a war 38 years earlier after the Israelis had been attacked by three Arab nations.

And what concessions did the Palestinians make in return? They conceded 1,000 more rockets launched from Gaza back into Israeli in 2006, in hopes of killing anyone, any child, any woman, any Jew, and Israeli Arab. Just: KILL!

What’s more amazing than anything, is that some folks think Israel is supposed to sit back and accept arbitrary murder as collateral damage for existing. Any Israeli retaliation is routinely condemned, no matter the justification.

Over the years, during several presidential administrations, the Palestinians have been offered boundaries and their own sovereign state. Each time, they have refused. Each time, they invent a reason that is designed to portray Israel as the bad guys. Each time, the Palestinians continue to spend their foreign aid monies on propaganda, violence and hate, instead of building education facilities, infrastructure or otherwise improving living conditions for their people.

The world community can bicker ad infinitum about settlements, building apartments, boundaries, rockets, wars, etc. According to the Arabs, the bottom line has never wavered: Israel must be destroyed. Period. Everything else is smokescreen.

Every time that Arabs have refused peace…Every time they have turned down opportunities to give their people an independent nation…Every time they postulate before the world community that something is in the way…it all boils down to this: They are asked, simply, to recognize Israel’s Right Of Existence. And they absolutely, will not.

There is no other reason.

Until recognition of Israel’s sovereignty is established, there will be no peace.

The president is too smart, not to know all that. The president is too smart to know, it’s not about 1600 new apartments in East Jerusalem, which is nothing more than an add-on to what is already there.

It’s not about building 1600 new apartments, because it’s in a place where Israel already belongs, where Israelis already live and within Israel’s capital city. That’s a lot of hooey. More excuses to denounce Israel. Hillary Clinton knows that, Joe Biden knows that and so does Barack Obama.

The Arab world has never retracted their refusal to acknowledge that the Jewish state has a right to exist. They won’t even allow Israel to be depicted on the map in their children’s school books.

Israel, meanwhile, boasts a thriving Arab population within their country, to an including members of their own Knesset. What Muslim country from Africa or the mid-east allows the construction of synagogues, permit Jewish organizations or invite Jews to participate in their governments?

Barack Obama’s supporters among the Jewish vote are beginning to wane.

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, was one of Obama’s most vocal Jewish supporters during the campaign. Not any more. And, according to insiders, it appears NY Senator Schumer holds some of the same reservations behind closed doors and may be more vocal on the public scene soon.

Please read this most compelling article by the former mayor:

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According to Mr. Koch, the Secretary of State’s, and the Vice-President’s, demeaning comments about Israel would only have been made with the approval or urging of the president.

None of this surpirses me. I’ve smelled a rat since day one. Having been in police work thirty years dealing with frauds, rats and liars, I’m well acquainted with those who speak with forked tongue, saying what’s necessary to gain support, then doing the opposite. Two years ago, I wrote a scathing blog about then-candidate Barack Obama, with great consternation over the amount of support he had been receiving from Palestinian phone banks, and Arab/Muslim leaders across the globe. I was seriously concerned that Hamas voiced it’s hope that Mr. Obama would become our president. That was a clear signal to me and to millions of others, where his true loyalties might lie , if elected. After one year in office, my fears have not been allayed. If anything, I’m more fearful than ever.

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Sure, the majority of Jews voted to see a Democrat take the Oval Office, but I seriously doubt they supported Mr. Obama with both eyes wide open. The horizon looks bleak at this moment, because the Arab world might well get their way with the stealth support of the White House, while blaming the Jews all along. It’s all their fault. The poor Palestinians, they are the victim, or course.

The treatment of Israel’s prime minister, by our president, was appalling. Even if you don’t like the man, you treat the position he holds with some level of public respect. Worse, I fear it portends a grave future ahead for the little nation whose people have given the world so much.

The famous Bow to the Saudi King…continues to reverberate in my head.

Our president, indeed.

No wonder Ed Koch no longer trusts the man he supported.

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