The ultimate goal never varies. World domination and control.

It was Muhammed who instructed his followers to spread Islam throughout the world. And they did. They’ve never stopped in that pursuit. Whether it be the sweep across north Africa and Spain in the 7th century, or the Ottoman Empire, or the battles at Vienna in the 16th century, the Barbary Pirates of the Mediterranean in the 18th century, the obsession remains intact. Radical followers of Islam do not, may not, and will not relent. The only question is, method. And, if we — in the free world — are able to withstand the movement, on behalf of our grandchildren.

We cannot, if we don’t open our eyes and acknowledge that this enemy exists, and that this enemy has a plan, and that they are very powerful, cleverly organized and infinitely financed. That cannot happen if we continue apologizing for who and what we are. That cannot happen with appeasement, because that’s exactly what they are looking for.

Part of that plan, is to change western cultures via legal infiltration. It is employed slowly and with great stealth, so that society doesn’t even realize what is happening as it happens. And that’s just the way they want it.

Legal Infiltration?

* Financing major universities, in exchange for Islamic patronage, i.e. professors, foot baths, Islamic studies, altered rules, women only classes,

* Supporting and controlling politicians on both sides of the aisle.

* Silence critics of Islam by forming protests, interrupting speeches, demonstrations and intimidation.

* Prohibit law enforcement from performing strip searches on Islamic prisoners

* Compel teachers and students to wear Islamic garb during Ramadan.

* Successfully refuse to allow female Drivers License pictures without a Hijad

* Islamic employees may refuse to handle any pork product while working in a grocery store

* Taxi drivers may refuse to carry passengers if they are carrying wine or with a dog.

* Imposing Islam into schools and text books to influence captive youth in America.

* Filing intimidation law suits against people, like me, who speak out and inform the general public about the emerging threat of radical Islam in the world. We may lose, but they actually win by costing defendants many thousands of dollars to defend, thus creating deterrence against free speech in the future.

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You be the judge.