For someone who claims the most transparent presidency in history, Mr. Obama remains the ultimate enigma.

Some folks will ask, “Why don’t you leave it alone?”

Answer: Because he is the President of the United States to whom we have entrusted the security of our nation and the future of our children. There should be no mystery about the person who is elected to this, the most important job in the world. He/she should epitomize the open book, where nothing is hidden and nothing is kept from scrutiny by the American public.

Yet, people who apply for city garbage collectors are more seriously vetted. Certainly police officers, firefighters, bus drivers, servicemen, FBI, CIA, DEA, newspaper and television journalists and college professors.

How would a prospective employer respond to an applicant for police, fire, FBI or journalist, if it was discovered that he/she had used at least sixteen social security numbers in a short lifetime? How would the government or a university respond, if an applicant would not release copies of his/her school records from college? Forget, for a moment, the hard copy birth certificate issue, which is a staple requirements for all government applicants. I don’t want this article clouded by those who can’t think past one dirty word: Birther. So, let’s move on.

The fact is, we know less about President Obama than perhaps any other president in American history and much of this is due to overt efforts to hide his records. This should concern Americans. A nation-wide network of researchers have attempted to fill in blanks, but at every opportunity, and quite suspiciously, Obama’s lawyers have successfully blocked access to various records. Obama’s legal team has spent well over $1.4 million dollars repelling inquiries and legal actions to unveil documents every American should have access to. The big question is: Why would he spend that money?

Another even bigger question: Why is this so unimportant to those Americans who prefer to look the other way? I ask my most liberal of friends: Why doesn’t it matter?

The president will not release his school records from Occidental College in California, where he used his Indonesian name, Barry Soetoro. One can only wonder what there is to cover up? Did he have a passport from another country? Was there a dispute about his place of birth? Did he go to the school as a foreign exchange student, thereby recording his citizenship in another country?

We don’t know. He won’t tell us.

Many folks who attended Columbia University claim they don’t remember seeing him there, though it has been verified that he graduated there in 1983. Some biographies state he maintained a low profile in those years. Fair enough. But why will he not release his school records, his college transcripts or his thesis? What’s the big deal?

The big deal, is the mystery.

Then, comes Harvard. The Chicago Tribune has gone on record as asking for records of Obama’s student loans, which was refused. Why? What is there to hide? Could it be that his law school education was funded by foreign sources? According to former Manhattan Borough president, Percy Sutton, (see link, below) Obama was being financially backed by one of America’s radical Muslims, Khalid Al-Mansour, a close business advisor to Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Talal is the nephew if King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia.

The famous “Bow” plays over and over again like a rewinding tape.

It’s what we don’t know, that raises questions. If Mr. Obama had taken out student loans, worked a part time job, had legitimate sponsors, and so forth, no one would raise an eyebrow. But the answers are not forthcoming. And when Percy Sutton’s TV interview resulted in the slip of the tongue, he was never heard from again.

Selective Service. American men are supposed to register for the non-existent draft. Correct? So did Mr. Obama. However, according to an article by investigative reporter, Steve Baldwin, to the Western Center for Journalism, Obama’s Selective Service Card was submitted in 2008, not in 1979 when he was a lad of 18, as required. Further, the card was apparently altered to make it look older. (see link) If true, why hadn’t the president registered when he was younger? Hmmm

And, why the altering? (It must be coincidental that he just happened to be running for president that same year)

Obama’s life has been researched in great detail, especially via the 49 or so law suits that have been filed challenging his eligibility to be the president. Some question where his true citizenship was based in those days. We all know that he traveled to strife-ridden Pakistan in 1981, at a time when American passports were not routinely welcomed.

However, in that research, it has been discovered that Mr. Obama has used at least 16 social security numbers and, depending on how the name spelling is skewed, as many as 25. Those SS numbers span numerous states, including California, Connecticut, Missouri, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin, Utah, Oregon and Hawaii.

Okay…maybe there are one or two other folks in America with the name Barack Obama. But not 25. That’s easy enough to check through computer records.

So, what’s the reason for all the numbers? In the law enforcement world, I could find seasoned investigators who could answer that question.

Then, of course, there is the infamous birth certificate. By now, we all admit that the on-line version is a phoney, so that’s out. (Why create a phoney to begin with?) An official in the state of Hawaii has allegedly stated that the hard copy has been seen and that it’s been verified that Mr. Obama was, in fact, born in the U.S. and is a natural born citizen.

That said, Obama supporters will claim that’s good enough. To an investigator who has dealt with sleaze and corruption as a career, it doesn’t cut the mustard, because (as they say) everyone has a price. The bottom line is that it is an easy matter to simply write an order giving authority to the state of Hawaii to release and produce the original certificate for public viewing. Easy. No sweat. Instead, $1.4 million has been spent to block such an action.


Maybe some of this is paranoid hype. Some people think I’m on a witch hunt. I’m just a right wing nut. I heard one woman say that people like me belong in a mental institution. Maybe so. But even if half of this article’s revelations are proven untrue, (which I doubt) I would still worry about the other half that are true.

Because it all spells a single word: F-R-A-U-D

We’re talking about our president. To whom we are entrusting nationalized health care, national security, immigration reform, relations with Israel and the mid-east, other allies, and our future economy.

Then, there’s Eric Holder…


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