The Attorney General of the United Sates is our chief law enforcement officer, endowed with enormous power with which to push forward a president’s political and ideological agenda. All AG’s do that.

In today’s administration, that is exactly what bothers me.

While we’ve found much to criticize about Alberto Gonzalez, John Ashcroft, Janet Reno, John Mitchell and so forth, never have we seen the likes of an Attorney General whose loyalty to the nation is in question. Now it is. And this is why:

1) Before becoming AG, Eric Holder signed a number of controversial legal briefs which he failed to disclose at his confirmation hearings. An oversight, he says. Two of those were briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of terrorist Jose Padilla, who was declared an “enemy combatant” the previous administration. Well, I suppose it’s easy to overlook those kinds of minor details when you’re vying to be the AG. Imagine that. A defender of America’s sworn enemy, becomes the Attorney General of the U.S., and there are some folks who will say, that it doesn’t matter.

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2) In 2004, Holder and his law firm was involved with then Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich, as special investigator to the Illinois Gaming Board, for which he received $300K.

Controversial? Well yes, but not just because of commiserating with the pool of sleaze. It was another one of those “oh, I forgot” omissions from the 47-page questionnaire by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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3) We all know that Mr. Holder was a senior member of a powerful D.C. law firm who had represented, pro bono, seventeen of the Gitmo detainees, (AKA, Terrorists, AKA Enemies of the United States). We also know that this minor detail was not fully disclosed at his confirmation hearings. Now we learn that the Department of Justice (under Mr. Holder) is employing nine attorneys from that law firm, five of whom were directly involved in representing the detainees (enemies of the U.S. ) as defendants. And get this: Mr. Holder is refusing to identify the names of those attorneys. Maybe Mr. Holder forgot that they are, in fact, appointees of the president, who calls his, the most “Transparent Administration.”

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Now doesn’t that make you feel confident in America’s top law enforcement official?

It would appear at least, these disclosures represent a conflict of interest for which Mr. Holder (or the president) should be appointing a special prosecutor. Then again, it’s people of integrity who would do that. Ms. Reno appointed Kenneth Starr as independent prosecutor in the Clinton fiasco, to the president’s chagrin. Don’t expect the same from Holder.

It would appear at worst, that Mr. Holder has a special interest in the defense of terrorists, i.e. enemies of the U.S., and is deliberately doing all he can to ensure that the enemy has every chance at freedom. (Translated, that means free to kill us)

4) These concerns are further exacerbated by Mr. Holder’s decision to try the 9/11 terrorists, including Kalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of the worst wartime attack on U.S. soil in history, in a civilian courtroom where his confessions will be subject to suppression because Miranda rights were not administered, and where he will surely demand a jury of his peers. Not only does this provide a world stage for the benefit of al Qaeda, it will put the U.S. on trial for the methods used to gain confessions and other war time tactics. This, when Mr. Holder has a clear choice via the Military tribunal system. It is mind boggling.

Interesting to note, that the decision was made without consulting or informing anyone else in the network of national security or diplomatic relations, including the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.

5) When considering all of this, we reflect back on Mr. Holder’s decision early in the Obama presidency, to release copies of classified CIA memos dealing with enhanced interrogation methods. While a host of prior CIA directors including Leon Panetta, the current CIA chief, strongly objected to this tactic, citing the harm it would do to national security, the administration found it necessary to do it anyway thereby undermining the country’s intelligence network. There can be no advantage to the national security of the United States, here or abroad, by unnecessarily providing the enemy all the classified information they need to continue their sordid plans to destroy our country and kill Americans.

This doesn’t even address the waning morale of the national security team, namely the CIA, FBI, NSA and various other military intelligence units who are more afraid of their own administration than they are the enemy.

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Something stinks in Washington. This is a war like none other. Our greatest weapon, is not bombs, planes and guns. Our greatest weapon is intelligence. Without valid and active intelligence, our nation’s security will be severely handicapped.

When all the dots are connected, one must ask: whose side is the Attorney General on? What is the true agenda, behind the scenes?

You see, all this added together spells good news for al Qaeda and other Jihad networks, thank you Mr. President, and thank you Attorney General. Seems to me, there is some mention in the constitution about giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

If Mr. Obama ever had an opportunity to show his loyalty to the country as an American, now is the time to fire Eric Holder. Then realign the path of national security to make us all feel safe again.

Health care, stock market, housing market, education, etc. are all important issues. But they are meaningless if America falls.