While laying in bed awake, like most of you, thoughts swim. So, I’ll share some of those in one-line contemplations…no rambling discussion needed. Just a few items to consider.  Enjoy. Think. Ponder. Argue.

It’s a blessing to have a brain with the power of reason. It’s also a curse.  

Rap Music is an oxymoron

Tongue studs are not just for decoration

Nose rings remind me of boogers

Pants hung below the ass, baring underwear, is an insult

The “War on Drugs” is lost, always has been

Strange, that the war on drugs excluded “nicotine.”

Charisma means more than resume` for gaining elective office

Ghandi was the most Jesus-like mortal in my lifetime

What religion was Cro Magnon?

Can you whistle the tunes to any song by Ice T or Eminem?

Corporate favors for politicians is nothing less than bribery

Why do lawyers donate to a judge’s campaign?

Why is white racism disgusting, while black racism is acceptable?

There is nothing funnier than a fart  

Forcible rape is a power crime, not a sex crime

The government is responsible for the majority of crime in America

The voice of Sarah Brightman is the closest to absolute perfection

Islamic Jihad is, by far, the most important issue facing the future of America

There’s no such thing as a War on Terror. Terror is a tactic not an enemy.

Transparency/Obama is another oxymoron

Babe Ruth was the greatest natural sports figure of all time

An atheist stands less of a chance to be president than a Jihadist.

Voters should be over 21 years of age

Professional sports figures aren’t worth multi-millions of dollars for running and throwing

Government corruption and corporate greed is why we are still beholden to foreign oil

Daniel Day Lewis and Meryl Streep are today’s pinnacle among movie actors

Immigrating to this country is a privilege not a right

I have zero trust in Barack Obama as president, which has nothing to do with party lines.

The last president we could truly trust was Eisenhower

Only three of the Ten Commandments pertain to modern law

Not every mother and/or father deserves to be honored

No baby is born with a religion

Political correctness will foster more terrorists like Nidal Hassan

Being old is better than I could have imagined

One of modern times’ greatest losses, is the mystery to sex.

The Nobel Peace Prize became worthless when it was awarded to Yassar Arafat

Death is nothing to be afraid of. I worry more about the final journey.

American youth is more obsessed with appearance than with accomplishment

No diet plan works unless you eat less food

There were no fat people in Auschwitz

Why would race matter to blind people?

Honest politician is another oxymoron

Divine or not, Jesus’ messages of love is valuable for all people

I can’t imagine life without accomplishment

Blind love can lead to self destruction

Sending an innocent to prison is worse than murder.

Today’s adult Americans have lived in the best of times

Our great-grandchildren will not be living in the best of times

I often come near to tears when I hear “America The Beautiful” … for more reasons than one