One year ago, in a speech before the Turkish parliament, President Obama declared “We are not at war with Islam.” Basically, he said that our concerns were confined to al Qaeda.

One wonders if the president is naive, uninformed, playing a game of words, or if he has some other motive.

While that may be true in a general sense, it worries me as an American citizen that the president is not recognizing that our war is most definitely against Radical Islam, better known as Jihadists, which comprise an enemy far greater than the combined enemies of Nazi Germany, Italy and Imperial Japan in WW II. Thus it’s a matter of semantics. And, the troubling factor is that this enemy is as much covert as it is overt.

No, we are not at war with peaceful Muslims that live in Turkey, Indonesia and other parts of the world, including America. But we are definitely at war with those who represent them as warriors whose mission on behalf of their God is to spread Islam as the dominant religion throughout the world, who teach their children to hate Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims, and that apostasy (changing religion) is forbidden and punishable by death.

According to Daniel Pipes, Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Steve Emerson, etc. all experts/scholars on the global Jihad situation, about 15 percent of Islam can be considered “extremists” or “radicals.” Considering there are 1.4 billion Muslims in the world, roughly 250 million of them would then be Jihadists, meaning…those who are actively engaged in Jihad, or are engaged in some degree of support for Jihadists. The huge number of them are not wearing Jihadi garb, a la al Qaeda and Hamas, the most dangerous of them walk among us as “moderates.”

Don’t forget the tactic known as “Taqiyya.”

Click here: YouTube – Taqiyya – Lying For Islam

Obviously, Mr. Obama has not read much of the writings that have come from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the largest extremist organization in the world, influence and membership is based in over 70 countries. The MB is what has spawned the C.A.I.R organization, the Muslim Students Association (MSA) and many other strategic organizations which has set it’s sights on spreading Islam to become dominant in the west.

You may have seen it before, but read it again. Here is part of the documents recovered from the Muslim Brotherhood:

“…work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other



Click here:General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America

Sounds like a declaration of war to me.

The mistake Americans make, is an old mind-set that defines “war” as deploying the military: Guns, planes, tanks. This is a far different war. While we have sent our G.I.’s and generals to far away lands, the enemy is walking right through America’s back door, compliments of political correctness, entitlements and pure ignorance. Their motives are grave, their goals are for the same end result as a gun war: Conquering the West. It’s only the strategy that is different. Instead of using guns, it’s about brains, fear, intimidation, propaganda, money, and deceit.

Speaking of money, if anyone doesn’t think the entire world, and most especially, the U.S. has not been subject to an Islam tax, think again. We are being taxed to the hilt because of the world of Islamic terror. Besides loss of life and human suffering, ask about the cost to Americans for:

* Destruction of World Trade Towers and Pentagon on 9/11

* Rebuilding a new tower

* Pay-outs to victim families for 9/11

* Additional security fees on airline tickets

* Homeland Security, FBI, NSA, and other federal agencies dealing with Islamic terror

* The War in Afghanistan

* The war in Iraq

* Foreign aid as payments to Islamic nations to keep peace…which is a form of bribery

Though not labeled specifically as “Tax,” these enormous costs are borne by the taxpayer.

Thus far, it reaches more than a trillion dollars, as reported by Bill Warner, Center for the Study of Political Islam.

Click here: Political Islam // Articles // The Islam Tax

By the president claiming we are only at war against al Qaeda, is like saying we were only at war with Nazis, and not Germany. Radical Islam is immense, it is globally powerful, it has unlimited financing, it has an ingenious plan of covert infiltration, and their numbers range over 200 million Jihadists or Jihad sympathizers. It’s costing us, more than we know.

Sorry, Mr. President, pandering to the Islamic world might sound nice, but it shows weakness.

And, by telling the world we are not at war with those who are at war with us, is pure suicide.