This is more  of a news item than an opinion article, so it’ll be a short one.

The Ethiopian Airline that departed Beruit and crashed into the Mediterranean on January 25th killing 92 people, received very little press. It was originally speculated to be a “pilot error.”

Turns out, this was another colossal act of terrorism, courtesy of Islamic Jihad. Check out the article filed in DEBKA on February 10th:

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It begs many questions:

What’s with the cover-up? Why the hush? Are government officials afraid of telling the truth for fear that passengers will be more hesitant to fly? Will it be costing the world of air travel more money to invest in better security measures? Would we be offending Islamists if the culprits were identified (as they usually are) as Islamists?

Further chilling, is the question: Why the Ethiopian plane? Was this a test run for a new method for smuggling explosive materials onto a plane? Is it a harbinger for future attacks?

The government, and the media, are not very forthcoming about this situation.

I’m sure there’s more to come.