The video link (below this paragraph) shows Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, being heckled at UC Irvine by anti-Israel students, on February 8, 2010. The heckling begin at the 1:30 mark, and continues through for seven minutes. The MSA (Muslims Students of America) is the largest student activist group in the U.S. and spans over two hundred institutes of higher learning. As you will see, the group completely organized the disruptions in advance, as some of the hecklers read from scrap paper to scream out their script. Free speech in America…Shocking. Pretty disgusting. Watch:

Click here: YouTube – Uncivilized Tactics at UC Irvine

Can you imagine what would happen if a Muslim notable were to be shouted down by a group of Israeli’s? Would it happen at all? Would Americans, in general, not allow even their worst enemy the opportunity to express their opinions in free speech America? Such was the case in 2007 when Iran’s leader, Ahmadinejad, the most notorious anti-Semite in the world, spoke openly at Columbia and was treated with dignity.

This is nothing new. And it’s growing into a bigger problem, slowly, deliberately, and without apology. Inch by inch…the creeping Shariah invades America while we do nothing but make apologies to the rest of the world.

Campus speeches have been similarly disrupted for Brigitte Gabriel at the U of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and Memphis University. She has needed armed escorts and has checked into hotels under a false name because of Muslim threats to her safety. Same with Daniel Pipes at UC Irvine, and Congressman Tom Tancredo at Michigan State whose speeches have been disrupted. Former terrorist, Walid Shobat’s speech at Columbia was shut off due to student protests and disruption. Same with Jim Gilchrist. They are not all on You Tube.

If you don’t know those folks, check them on Google. They are passionate people who hold America’s values dear to their heart, and who are desperately trying to warn the populous, the media and the political establishment of the inherent dangers that lie ahead with the coddling of radical Islam within our borders.

One only has to look across the Atlantic to see what political correctness has done for Denmark, Netherlands, England, Norway and France. To appease radical Islamists, parliamentarian Geert Wilders, of Amsterdam, is being tried as a criminal for expressing these kinds of warnings. Imagine, the most liberal country in Europe suppressing free speech.

This Brit sums it up pretty good:

Click here: YouTube – The crooked judges of Amsterdam

Author Nonie Darwish is a a former Muslim who has written books warning the world of the advances of Islam, the threats to women and to civilization as a whole. She was recently scheduled to speak at Columbia and Princeton, but the Muslim powers within the campus managed to intimidate and cancel her appearances. When she did appear for a talk at Boston U., someone set fire to a bathroom to interrupt the process.

Click here: Ex-Muslim’s college speech disrupted by arson

Click here: Free speech suppressed at Columbia, Princeton


We should be worried. Very worried. When I first wrote my book “Militant Islam in America,” in 2006, there were approximately 1200 mosques in the U.S. Today there are nearly three thousand, and they are opening at an alarming rate.

It is a sad state of affairs when any speaker on any American University campus has to be surrounded by police officers to protect their freedom of speech and their personal safety from intimidation and harm. What’s worse, is that thousands of these disruptive students in the MSA, are in America — the country they hate — on student visas or student scholarships. Many more use our tax dollars for health care, housing, food and other subsistence.

While the University at Irvine California did all they could to maintain order, and threatened to punish the students, it’s not enough. Before this situation gets more out of hand and the beam of Shariah looms brighter each day to further cloud the constitution, here’s what we need to do:

* Stop Muslim student influx in America (exacerbated by Bush and by Obama)

* Stop approving immigration to those who could pose a threat as jihadists

* Declare Islamic jihad — not just terrorism — as illegitimate and subversive to ourdemocracy.

* Declare radical Islam — or Jihadsts — as the enemy of the United States.

* Pull all visas of students who practice Jihad in America and deport them.

* Expel any student — or student organization — in America who actively practices the suppression of free speech.

* Encourage the United States Congress to openly debate Radical Islam as a formidable enemy — and a radical political ideology, not just a religion.

 Americans must wake up and accept the fact that Radical Islam is about controlling our lives, it’s about governing, and it’s about submission, which — incidentally — is the definition of Islam.

This continued suppression of free speech is only beginning. Anyone with their eyes wide open can see what looms ahead for future generations. We owe it to our grandchildren and their kids, to do the right thing.

Anyone listening?

Please take another 5 minutes to watch this video:


Click here: YouTube – Why Islam is not a peaceful religion