Attorney General Eric Holder must either resign or face impeachment.

It’s one thing, to be incompetent or ineffective, as was Alberto Gonzalez in the Bush administration. It’s another thing to provide aid, comfort and special privilege to the enemy, thereby putting the nation at risk in a time of war, and our innocent population in peril from our enemies.

Every action Mr. Holder has taken in regards to the war on terror has not only provided aid and assistance, it has emboldened the entire world of terrorists.


1) Choosing to hold the trials of war criminals, i.e. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, et al, in a civilian court instead of a military tribunal, thereby burdening the taxpayer with their costly defense, creating a security disaster, risking the suppression of vital evidence i.e., confessions, jeopardizing and compromising national intelligence and making the U.S. a laughing stock to terrorist organizations around the world.


2) Instituting policy that scuttled the interrogation of the Christmas Day airline bomber, by reading his Miranda rights thereby losing vital intelligence information about future plans to kill Americans.

Read this powerful piece by Charles Krauthammer:

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3) Arbitrarily and unnecessarily dismissing the Black Panther voter intimidation case.

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4) His frightening conflicts of interest by occupying the position of Attorney General of the United States, and making decisions about war criminals, while his prior law firm had been defending eighteen war criminals, pro bono, at Guantanamo.

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The American people cannot feel a sense of confidence and security in knowing Mr. Holder holds these views and makes decisions that are not in the interest of national security. He has unnecessarily provided aid and comfort to those who would do Americans great harm. He is a danger to us all and has not the interest of America at heart.

The U.S. Constitution defines “Treason” :

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

Americans who are outraged at the treasonous actions of Mr. Holder should be writing their congressional representatives demanding impeachment.

That is, if Mr. Obama cannot see the writing on the wall…and then do the right thing.

I’m not holding my breath.