The 86 page report on the Fort Hood Shooting has been released by the military… politically correct as usual. Not even a mention of the killer’s name, nor that Islamic extremism had been his motivation for murdering thirteen innocent Americans and wounding twenty-nine more. 

Does anyone really wonder where the marching orders for the final report came from?
Nidal Hasan was driven by Islamic fanaticism, not just the day of the crime, but for months and years prior to that tragic day. It was his total and complete motivation, inspired equally by radicals outside the U.S.  Yet…the report cannot tell the simple truth. How are we to believe anything coming from this government today whenever Islam is involved if they cannot be up front and honest? 
This is not only outrageous, it is shameful. And these are the people who are supposed to be our defenders, who we’re supposed to trust, and they cannot report a fact that the entire nation already knows?
       Read the article:
For the military committee to report that motive was not important as substance in their findings, is like saying Nazism was not relevant to killing 6 six million Jews in the Holocaust.  Without motive, there would have been no murders.  And the motive was the radical side of Islam which is driving Jihadists — by the millions — to fanaticism and terror all over the world. 
The continual soft-peddling and coddling of the radical Islamic problem by our leaders not only sickens Americans, it emboldens those who will continue their campaign to impose Shariah and dominate peace loving human beings.  Meanwhile, we have a president who apologizes to Islamic countries, claiming we have been the arrogant ones. Huh?
Tell that to the family of 9/11 victims.
“An isolated extremist” my butt…. “Don’t jump to conclusions.”… “Man-caused disaster…” “The system worked.”  … Meanwhile, the tax payers are providing lawyers to war criminals who will now be tried at enormous risk and cost in civilian courts…thanks to our protective president.
Are you kidding me? These are our leaders?
Radical Islam today is as dangerous as Nazism was in 1939.  Moreso, because they have stealth, far more numbers, unlimited funding, and they are rooted in over 70 nations throughout the world.
Isolated extemist, my butt. It is utterly amazing that actually elected these horrible (and dangerous) people.