The message could not be more clear.

In November’s two special elections, voters installed long-shot Republicans as governors in otherwise blue states of New Jersey and Virginia.

Now, voters from the most liberal state in the nation has just converted Ted Kennedy’s senate seat into a surprise Republican upset where Scott Brown overcame a deficit of 30 points to win.

If these elections are a barometer for what’s to come, there certainly will be “change’ in America like it’s never been seen before. Look out Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Frank.

The people have spoken and politicians should listen up. Senator-elect Scott Brown is correct. Republicans and Democrats do not own their senate seats any more than the president owns the Oval Office. They belong to We The People, as articulated by the founding fathers.

Some folks from the losing side say it’s all about dirty politics and fear mongering, that right wing fanatics are listening too much to Limbaugh and Hannity. To them, I say you underestimate the independent will of the American voter. These voters don’t need to be led by radio and television talk show hosts, the failed policies and run-away spending of the past year are evidence enough. All they need is to witness and watch the crumbling economy continue to crumble. Have no doubt, this is also a referendum on the Obama machine.

For one year, it’s been convenient to lay blame on George W. Bush’s policies. Those excuses are getting old. It’s time for Democrats to own up to their own mistakes. What guided the voters in these three elections was not just one or two issues, but a myriad of festering problems which spell grievous discontent amid mainstream America. The top of the list would include:

* A stimulus package costing taxpayers $825 billion, loaded with promises which were not kept.

* Continuous double-digit unemployment despite the stimulus.

* Health Care reform proposals that were rife with flaws, costs and government control.

* $460 billion in Medicare cuts in the Health Care Reform bill then daring to suggest it won’t affect health care service for seniors.

* Special favor sell-outs by politicians to change their votes, tantamount to bribery.

* Absence of promised transparency.

* A $1.4 trillion budget deficit, which soared from $460 billion in one year.

* A continuous slump in the housing market.

* Loss of confidence in government leaders, in regards to terrorism and Homeland Security.

* The government’s audacity to charge taxpayers with the enormous cost of defending terrorist war criminals as though they were American citizens.

* Stifling the mainstream media if and when commentators disagree with policy.

* The Gitmo fiasco.

Et al.

Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts came not from Republicans, which only make up 12 percent of that state’s registered voters, but from seventy-five percent of independents who voted their conscience, not party lines.

New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts are the tip of the iceberg. Politicos who rode the wave of victory in November of 2008 used “change” as a mantra to garner votes. But change is not always for the better. Democrats in both houses and the White House would do well to heed the message of the American majority and embark on a new “change” in the right direction. Otherwise, Washington may well see a lot of new faces after November.

Mort Zuckerman is Chairman of U.S. News And World Report, and a well-known liberal journalist who has openly supported Obama and other Democrats in the congress. No more. And his sentiments are among the millions on the left, or who rode the center in 2008, who liked what they heard, but have since deplored what they have witnessed. This isn’t Beck and Hannity speaking, it’s a prominent leftist. Check his latest article:

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