Where is the National Organization for Women? (NOW)

Where is the League of Women Voters?

The rising threat of an Islamic dominated society in future generations in the western hemisphere bodes dire consequences for certain segments of our society, especially women. Yet, we hear not a word of concern.

The warnings are clear. The symptoms are everywhere. The evidence is mounting. Trends are more obvious every day. Yet, we Americans plod along, ho hum, worried only about rock stars, iPhones and fashion as though this was only a minor pimple compared to a mountain.

It’s minor, all right — Today. But it won’t be in another fifty to one hundred years. Do we care?

Surprisingly, women’s advocacy organizations who have been so instrumental in bringing about equal rights and status for the women of this country are frighteningly mum. They either do not, or refuse to see it happening. They are not looking out for their daughters, granddaughters and their daughters. American women are the people who should be studying the issue of radical Islam closer than anyone, learning all they can and speaking out, because the threat is at the doorstep now. And while the population numbers for Islam in the west are currently small, that is changing.

Americans, in general, don’t see it in every day society, because Islamists don’t assimilate. They are not in your eyesight. (Out of sight, out of mind) You don’t see Muslims at restaurants, at ball games, at concerts, movie theaters, Publix markets and rarely in shopping malls. Islamists, for the most part — outside of their professional environment — are a closed society with the majority of their personal activities taking place in homes and mosques. Thus, what could be obvious, is not so obvious. For now. As their population numbers grow, they will become more vocal and demanding, just as they are in England, France, Denmark and Norway. And, their numbers ARE growing…everywhere.

While the average American mother bears slightly over two children per lifetime, the average Islamic mother bear six to seven. As generations pass, it’s a simple matter of mathematics. Islam does not need terrorism. All they need are numbers.

If and when Shariah takes a foothold in the United States, as they are doing in pockets within Europe today, you can kiss goodbye all the advances women have made over the last one-hundred years. And when Islam should ever become the dominant force — socially, politically and religiously — women stand a good chance of being relegated to slave status and subjugated to males as superiors, much the same as they are in many Islamic countries today.

Don’t think it can happen?

Of course, there are Muslim families who present the appearance of moderation and do not subscribe to fanaticism. They don’t beat wives and kill daughters. But they still subscribe to the same Koran, which clearly relegates women to second class status in the pecking order of life.

The first people who will feel the power of Islam should they become a majority in the next two or three generations, are Jews. Next, the women. Then, infidels in general (non-Muslims).

You say that the radicals are a small insignificant number, that Islamists in general are peaceful. If so, I suggest you read the history of Islam, the life of Muhammed and the Koran in its entirety. You may be quite shocked.

The Koran is quite deceptive. There are passages and verses that conflict, mainly because it was formed (revealed) in two segments of Muhammed’s life; The evangelical, peaceful segment in Mecca and later, the more violent, warrior segment in Medina, which is where Islamic terrorism was born.

In predominantly Islamic countries today, women are totally under the control of a dominant male, usually a father or husband. In Saudi Arabia, for example, a woman must be totally covered at all times outside the home. She cannot drive a car, cannot travel without the consent of a male, cannot be in the company of a male unless he is a relative, and cannot be raped. A raped woman must be prepared to prove the crime by producing four witnesses, all males. Otherwise, she will have created dishonor and may be sentenced to death by stoning. (No, I’m not making this up) In one Islamic country in Africa, women have been skewered by having a pole thrust up her rectum and out her neck.

The Koran allows for beating of a wife if she refuses to obey the husband. Here is one version of Surah (verse) 4:34. There are some translated variations but they all say the same thing.

Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband’s) absence what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whom part you fear disloyalty and ill conduct, admonish them (first), (next), refuse to share their beds, (and last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means (of annoyance) for Allah is Most High, Great (above you all).

Imam’s around the world give instructions on the rules and methods for wife beating. Check these videos:

 Click here: YouTube – Wife Beating in Islam

Click here: YouTube – Wife Beating:

Click here: YouTube – How to beat your wife

A married man in Islam who wants a divorce has it easy. All he must do is shout aloud three times: “I Divorce You.” and it is done. A married woman who wants a divorce is another story. She must prove to a Shariah court how she has been abused and unprovided, which is not always a wise choice, considering Surah 4:34. In 2009, a so-called “moderate” Islamic, highly respected man in New York was so incensed by his wife’s desire for a divorce, that he beheaded her. (Trial pending)

In Shariah court, a woman’s testimony is worth one-half that of a man’s. Same with monetary and material rights. Her value is half that of a man.

Parvin Darabi is a courageous, Iranian-born women’s activist, president of the Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation and author of “Rage Against the Veil.” She managed to escape Islam and tell her story. Every woman should read this most profound essay:

Click here: I Am a Moslem Woman – Parvin Darabi

Approximately five thousand known honor killings occur every year throughout the world. That’s when young females, usually a daughter or wife, are murdered by their male dominators for failing to wear a head scarf, dating a non-Islamic and even hinting at leaving the Islamic faith. We’ve seen several instances here in the USA, where fathers have murdered their daughters in the name of Allah.

In 2009, one frightened 17 year-old girl who secretly converted from Islam to Christianity, fled her home in Ohio to seek refuge in Florida, for fear of being killed by her father. One can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors in Islam when apostasy raises it’s defiant head.

Twenty years ago we heard none of this in free western nations. The change is huge. Inch by inch, the movement is rooting in. One can only imagine the progress they will make in another twenty years, or yet, by the end of this century. That’s why women’s groups, in particular, must be educated, vigilant and watchful toward every movement this government makes in acquiescing to Shariah demands.

When the changes begin to take place, it’s the Jews first, then the women, who will become subjugated.

Millions of us Americans are obsessed with protecting the unborn. Stopping abortion is one thing. Protecting those who are not yet conceived is another. They may look back one day in the year 2110, and wonder why we didn’t fight had enough to preserve the freedoms we cherish so much.

What can we do?

Wake up. Our present administration, seems to be doing everything to advance the islamic agenda, including giving advantages to terrorists in the legal arena. Economy and health care are certainly important, but the future of American freedom and the preservation of our culture is another. What should worry women, is the long range agenda which seems to include the coddling of Islam.

I’ve written enough about Mr. Obama in the past. This time, I’ll let Parvin Darabi — a former supporter of Mr. Obama — do the writing. Please, take the time to read her powerful essay on The Bow:

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Read the writings of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Somali born intellectual, converted from Islam, who wrote a wonderful book “Infidel.”  


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