Here we go. as predicted,  in 2010, this congress would follow up on the Health Care issue with a strong push to legalize 12-20 million illegals.  It is a must-do situation in 2010, beacuse it’s likely there will be a shift of congressional power after the November election.
Interesting how the proponents, including the Miami Herald, labels opponents as “anti-immigration” carefully omitting the word “illegal immigration.”
Legalize another 12-20 million who broke laws (that others followed) and you’ll see a new juicy voting block that will ensure the retention of control by the Democratic party…and they well know that. Thus, this is not about humanitarian compassion. It’s about political power.  
Remember, calling illegals “Undocumented workers” is a misnomer because a huge percentage of these folks are not working, and many are in prisons.  “Undocumented Workers” is like saying a drug dealer is a “Unlicensed Pharmacist.”
As a side, the best estimates are that the majority of the illegal immigrants in the U.S. come from Mexico or Latino countries. About 3 million are here from the rest of the world and are ready to ride the gravy train if amnesty is awarded.  Included among these are millions of illegals from the mid-east, Africa and Asia
Seems odd, with a 10 percent unemployment problem in this country, that we should want to legitimize 12-20 million illegals, thus keeping more Americans out of jobs.
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