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A number of responders choose to write me private e-mails instead of posting comments, which is fine, although the rest of the interested readers do not get the advantage of the information they convey if they don’t post.

Writing these essays requires saying much in as few words as possible. Books can be written about it. For the sake of brevity in articles, information is often omitted which may be less striking or important. Rest assured, the separation curtain between religion and state in public schools is thinning by the day as the introduction of Islam into public schools is getting more pervasive. As it does, the Islamists become more emboldened. Why? Because we, the Americans who are incensed, are laying down. Oh well. Nothing we can do.

Part of the jihad plan, is going after the young. The college kids. And the kids in our schools. I’m not making it up, folks. Why do you think the Saudis have poured multi-millions of dollars into scores of American universities, like Harvard ($28 millions) and Georgetown ($20 million) and Berkley ($20 millions)…and so on. They don’t do it for nothing. There is a kick back, and that kick back is foot baths, mosques, prayer rooms, Islamic professors, Islamic student organizations, and freedom of expression….unlike freedom of expresion in…? Where else? Saudi Arabia.

Some of you have brought other facts and articles to my attention, which I will share (below). But the most over riding question is: What can we do about it?

Here’s some suggestions:

1 – Speak out! Raise hell! Show our outrage. Write your congressional representatives, your governors, and your local school boards demanding adherence to the state/religion separation edict, which goes for Islam as well as Christians and Jews.

2 – Write letters to your newspapers, and the network/cable news stations admonishing them for failing to cover this as a major problem in America…not to mention the hypocrisy.

3 – If schools will not prohibit the introduction of Islam into schools, contact your priests, pastors and rabbis and start insisting on equal time, with indoctrination of public school kids with Christianity and Judaism. Demand copies of the Torah and the Bible on campus, with prayer rooms and prayer time set aside for people of all religions.

4 – Demonstrate (lawfully) outside any school that endorses the indoctrination of Islam into public schools. Get the attention of the media!

5 – Write/contact the ACLU and demand the same legal action from them as they would (and have done) when Christianity or other religions was introduced into public schools.

There is one organization in the U.S. which is actively engaged in the fight against creeping Shariah. Led by Lebanese-born Brigitte Gabriel, ACT for America has the active support over 71,000 Americans (and growing) who are doing what they can to offset this terrible trend. They have made a mark on capitol hill with their lobbyists and counter-measures to the spread of Shariah and, they are an information base for any American who cares about this menace. Over 500 local chapters are now actively meeting and disseminating data as it comes forward, with speakers and updated videos and literature. I urge those who care about this threat to check it out. Click here: Act! for America – Home

I am not a joiner of organizations. I’m disillusioned with our political parties, which is why I am Independent. But ACT for America is worthwhile. They could use your support.

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