I’ll try to keep this succinct, because the link below tells all.

Some apologists say that religious fanaticism spans all religions, that there are extremists among Jews, and certainly extremists among Christians, and that we shouldn’t discriminate against Islam. My answer is simple: While extremism exists everywhere, Jews and Christians are not spanning the entire world blowing airplanes out of the sky, trains off their tracks, school buses, cafes, markets, or anywhere “infidels” exist, so they can kill innocent human beings by the thousands for the perceived joy of reaching paradise. In fact, the majority of those murdered, are Muslims.

I don’t know of many Jews or Christians who go about murdering their own wives and daughters because they do not conform to some religious custom.

I don’t know of many Jews or Christians who enslave women and force them to live in a state of utter subservience and fear in the name of God; Who stone women to death for shaming a husband, who behead women for wanting a divorce, who routinely mutilate women’s genitals and whose holy book endorses physical beatings of women by husbands.

I don’t know of many Jews or Christians who — in these times — still engage in slavery and genocide, murdering thousands and millions in African countries because they do not conform to radical Islamic rule.

Click here: YouTube – Sudan Slavery Stories

For folks who prefer to think that terrorism is not a signature of radical Islam, I invite them to check out the chilling link below which itemizes terror attacks by the years, throughout the world, most of which occur in countries like Pakistan, India and the mid-east, but many others in western countries as well. Scroll down to the lower section to access past years, dates, places, numbers killed, and so forth. Then tell me that we, all of us everywhere, should not be concerned with Islam in general, because — in truth — radicals everywhere pose as moderates until the day they commit these horrendous crimes. Others provide support for those who do. To be sure, Muslims are the people who should be most concerned, because — by the millions — they are the vicarious victims of international terror. Check it out, and take your time:

Click here: Islam: Making a True Difference in the World

When will the world of good Muslim citizens rise up and start identifying and protesting the actions of radicals that stain their image to the world? When will good Muslims, like Doctor M. Zuhdi Jasser, of Pheonix, Arizona, (Google him) start banding together en masse — not behind the radical cloak of organizations like C.A.I.R., but behind the constitution of the United States to denounce and put a stop to radicalism everywhere? When will Americans, Europeans, and Asians finally realize, that the global Jihad is in effect, that the radicals have a single purpose, which is to enslave the entire world to Islamic rule, and that they have billions of petro dollars to make it happen? When will the most liberal minded of Americans wake up and start to realize that making excuses and apologies for these 7th century barbarians fits right into their war plans? Making excuses for Islamic extremism is tantamount to aiding and abetting their cause.

Army terrorist, Nidal Hasan (and moderate Muslim) wasn’t just an ordinary citizen who objected to the war in Iraq. Millions of Americans already objected to the war in Iraq and didn’t go around killing innocents. Like millions of other Muslim children born into extremist families, Hasan was hypnotized since birth, raised within the world of Islam by Palestinian parents whose negative views of Jews, Christians and infidels was ingrained into him starting in the crib. Sure, he had issues with America, but in truth, I believe he was a ticking time bomb in search of a cause for which to enter into Paradise. There are Muslims in America already praising what he did at Fort Hood. Here’s one cleric:

Click here: U.S.-born Muslim cleric praises Fort Hood jihadist

Wafa Sultan is a Syrian born psychologist who lives in California. She’s an articulate woman who tells it like it is, despite threats against her life. For a real treat, watch her go head-to-head against Islamic radicalism on Al Jazeera:

Click here: YouTube – Wafa Sultan Debating Islamic Cleric

To those who claim to be peace loving and “moderate” Muslims, I say: Let’s hear from you. Where are you? No, not some innocuous public comment “denouncing violence” and then just walk away. Let’s hear from you in a real way, that makes a difference to all the world, where you — the so-called “moderates — assemble in Washington D.C. to protest radical preachings by parents, clerics and other leaders that teach hatred toward America and Americans, that fight against those radical Muslims who carry signs that say: “Death To America” or “Islam Will Rule The World,” that wish to be identified as loyal Americans, and are willing to pledge their allegiance to the flag of the United States, with or without including “Under God.” It’s the pledge to this country that matters.

A few have had the guts, but unfortunately, they are lone voices in the Islamic wilderness.

Moderate Muslims need leadership. America, needs leadership among moderate and rational Muslims to form opposition to this oppressive and frightening trend.

Let’s hear it from you, the good Muslims of America, everywhere. Where are you?

And please, Mr. President, do not follow the lead of your predecessor and try tell us all that Islam is a religion of peace. Perhaps Mr. Obama should check out that link and then tell us how peaceful Islam really is.

Here it is again:

Click here: Islam: Making a True Difference in the World