Radical Islamic Jihad is as dangerous to the United States in 2009, as Nazi Germany was to Europe in 1939. It’s that serious. This enemy doesn’t wear uniforms. They don’t have a national border. They blend in among us. And, it’s working. As part of their strategy of infiltration, the enemy is counting on ignorance, appeasement, denial and political correctness from Americans. That’s being provided by the liberal wing not only in Washington, but amid an easily-led, well-meaning populous. They are the folks who are inadvertently aiding and abetting the enemy of the United States.

This article is posted primarily for my friends and readers on the liberal (left) side of the spectrum. Rest assured, it comes from the heart, and from fair bit of study about the scourge of Islamic Jihad. (Please check my book “Militant Islam In America”)

This is not a message born of the Rush Limbaughs, or Glenn Becks, or Fox news, or any other — what some folks call the “radical right wing.” This subject doesn’t fit in a pigeonhole. It’s beyond partisanship. It is not about republicans versus democrats. It’s begs common sense. This is about our country approaching the slippery slope toward destruction, while we’re too blind, or too stupid to do anything about it.

Our nation is now in the greatest crisis in its history. More so, than the Civil War, the great depression, WWII, or even 9/11. America is at a point where our precious freedoms, and the future of our grandchildren, are at grave risk, not because we are being defeated by an enemy, but because we are defeating ourselves while a sinister and clever enemy revels. We are defeating ourselves because so many of us choose to remain blind to the obvious.

Never before in our nation’s history were we afraid to identify our enemies, to confront them, or to fight them. Now, that has changed. We’re afraid. We can’t say “Terrorism” or “Islamic Fascism” or “Jihad” because they are all politically incorrect terms. No civilization could ever hope to win a war without identifying the enemy. Our enemy is radical Islamic Jihad and all their followers and supporters, with or without violence. Sadly, our government is not willing to acknowledge that. Our government would rather be politically correct by protecting them, than protecting you and me.

These problems did not start with Mr. Obama. Indeed, they started with President G.W. Bush, the day he stood shoulder to shoulder with radical, America-hating Imams at the Washington National Cathedral three days after 9/11, to proclaim — for the world to hear — that …”Islam as a religion of peace.” He repeated that often during his term in office.

Imagine: After December 7, 1941, when 2,403 of our citizens and servicemen were killed in an unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor, FDR would sit beside two Shinto priests and declare Japan a peaceful nation?

It didn’t happen. It would never have happened. It’s unthinkable.

Mr. Bush spent his presidency blathering on and on about the peacefulness of Islam, sucking up to the Royal Saudi family and other Islamic enemies of America, some of whom were honored guests of the White House and later became guests of our prison system for abetting terrorists. By these actions, our government emboldened our enemies to continue their pursuit of jihad, because it was working so well. They saw how stupid we are. They saw how vulnerable we could be.

Sure, Mr. Bush took action in Iraq and Afghanistan. While doing so, he left the back door wide open and allowed the enemy full access to grow and pursue their jihad agenda inside our borders, all in the name of diversity and political correctness.

On election day, November of 2008, we made a ‘change.” Sadly, a change for the worse.

I’m convinced, that election came about through the practice of deceit. Like most career cops, my entire 30-year police career was mired in daily confrontations with liars and deceivers. I am astutely sensitive to liars. It’s the core of activity for a cop’s job; Discerning deceit. They get pretty good at it. Once they’re on the job a short while, cops learn that good looks, pretty words and impressions mean nothing. They are often a cover for more sinister actions behind the facade. Half of the killers I arrested, “didn’t do it.” and many of them were truly likeable.

These are my beliefs. I believe the election of Barack Obama as president, is the greatest tragedy to ever befall this country. I believe this president has a long range agenda — perhaps beyond his term — that will ultimately dismantle the constitution as we know it, and convert this nation into a government that would desecrate the visions of Jefferson and Madison. For every remark Mr. Obama makes publically, I ponder what was really spoken behind closed doors. I trust him not. Recent polls also show the level of mistrust toward Mr. Obama is growing.

I refer to the blind love affair with Mr. Obama — by supporters and the fawning media — as the “O.J. syndrome.” No matter the profuseness of evidence pointing toward his guilt, that jury remained madly in love. O.J.’s blood dripping from the scene didn’t matter. His victim’s blood on the floorboard of his car didn’t matter. His pattern of wife beatings and constant fear instilled into Nicole Simpson didn’t matter. All that mattered was charisma, good looks, pretty words, and denial. As an experienced homicide detective, I am confident is saying there were very few crimes in the annals of murder cases, where so much damning evidence pointed to the guilt of one man, yet…love conquered all. It was all discounted and ignored by twelve blinded people. That jury was mesmerized by celebrity.

Sound familiar?

Long before the election and during the campaign, numerous — and I mean numerous — red flags were raised (where did we recently hear that term?) that would bring Obama’s loyalty to country into question. Whether be his mysterious educational background, the pictures of Che Guevera lining offices of campaign workers, his supporters amid a sea of crooks (ACORN), Palestinian phone banks raising money for his election, the love affair from Islamic organizations across the world, hobnobbing with noted communists, his America-hating mentors, his sordid associations with domestic terrorists and leftist radicals, his close association with Islamists, and his warm and huggy ties to a church that spewed hatred toward America, and a church that admired Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan, the country’s best known Jew-hater. And we elected him to be our commander in chief? Are we nuts?

Now, after ten months in office, Mr. Obama has proven himself worthy of suspicion. His “transparency” is as transparent as the fixing town hall meetings to include supporters only and pre-screening questions. It’s as transparent as excluding a major news network from inclusion because they exercise the first amendment rights of free speech and press. One could cite dozens of issues which bring Mr. Obama’s motives and long-range intentions into question, the evidence is overwhelming. Whether it’s government takeovers of private enterprise, banks, auto, health, etc., ( and we’ve only just begun) or questionable appointments among private, unvetted White House czars consisting of Marxists and other anti-Americans, or his sickening apologies on behalf of America to the Islamic world when we, the Americans, have been the systematic victims of Islamic extremism. Yet for all this, America remains asleep, just like the O.J. jury, because — well, they’re in love. Evidence means nothing.

Within hours after a police incident in Cambridge, Mr. Obama cited the Police Department as acting “pretty stupid.” Yet, when 42 human beings were shot (and 14 killed) at random on an American military installation by a radical Islamic member of that military, the best the president could tell America is not to draw conclusions or rush to judgement?

Based on all my readings and research, connecting dots, and putting the mosaic into place like a jigsaw puzzle, I have reached the conclusion that Mr. Obama intends on gradually leading this country toward some form of communism, certainly socialism, so slowly that the people won’t even realize it is happening. The first big step, is to make government bigger and more controlling.

Based on connecting those dots, here are more beliefs:

I believe the path toward the White House was begun early in his life, perhaps in his 20s, and that he has been guided by many people, many of whom we don’t know, from behind the scenes.

I don’t believe Mr. Obama is really a democrat. I believe he is a Marxist cloaked in the democratic party, because that’s the political vehicle he needed to gain access to the White House.

I don’t believe Mr. Obama is a Christian. I believe he joined that church some twenty years ago as part of the political plan toward gaining power. He knew, being a democrat and being a Christian were two essential labels or else he’d stand no chance of getting elected. There are very few Christian churches in this nation that “Damn” America. But he managed to find one.

I cannot say that Mr. Obama is a closet Muslim. But, his words, his actions and his background — all those pieces — are all part of the mosaic that paints the picture of Islamic sympathy and Islamic leanings. That’s very disturbing because it plays right into the scheme of our enemy. They are undoubtedly thrilled with our president. He is part of their plan. Islamic jihadists have made clear their intentions to infiltrate the west from within in order to destroy us, and what better president for us to have than one who coddles them.

He recently brought in two devout Muslims to work in high level positions within the bowels of our Homeland Security Department. Not the Energy department mind you. Not the Agriculture Department. Our department of Homeland Security. That’s comforting.

Many Islamic jihadists in the U.S. have been indicted, deported, or jailed for rendering support to our enemies, who posed as “moderates” until they were exposed. Radicals all over the globe pose as “moderates” until they behead someone, bomb a school bus, or get caught supporting terror organizations like al Qaeda or Hamas. Radicals are preaching hate and Islamic dominance inside many of the 2000 mosques all over this country that are funded by Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia. Religion of peace?

So, friends, it is time to wake up and save our nation. As much evidence as there was pointing toward the guilt of O.J. for committing murder, the same plethora of evidence should tell us all that this president should not be trusted with the future of this nation.

We owe it to our grandchildren, and future generations, to seek the truth. The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle may each look beautiful by themselves, but we must be willing to see the entire picture it creates. And it’s not a pretty one.

Making a difference is a responsibility of all Americans to let their voices be heard. Let the media know, let government representatives know, and let others know the dangers that portend for America with our current leadership. Vote smart the next election, so that we can diminish the political power of this presidency. Forget about partisan politics and innocuous, one-issue matters. Diminishing the power of Mr. Obama in 2010 is essential until we can vote him out in 2012. We must send that message.

Partisan politics is healthy for America, when it comes to most issues. I sort of enjoy the bantering. But liberalism and political correctness toward radical Islam and closet jihadists is nothing less than national suicide. Liberals, I beg you. Open your eyes, look and see.

The enemy is radical Islamic jihad. They are everywhere, by the multi-millions, with thousands, maybe millions, here inside our country, in our schools, our prisons, our communities, our military and, no doubt, our government. They are making serious headway. They are winning. They want us dead. And they want our children dead. That became obvious at Fort Hood.

It’s up to us. It’s up to you.

(For anyone interested in following this growing menace, I recommend linking on to America Congress For Truth, or ACT for America.)