The religion of peace strikes again.

Of course, that’s a bigoted and prejudiced remark. To that I plead: Guilty.

Part of the blame for the killing rampage that took place at Fort Hood belongs with the U.S. Army itself, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security. Why? Because red flags galore existed which would alarm any citizen with half a brain, that this man not only didn’t belong in our armed service, he was a dangerous time bomb ticking away while his co-workers and leaders snoozed.

Had he been a KKK member who had made derogatory remarks about blacks, the Army would have thrown him out in a heartbeat. But our politically correct policies and “sensitivity” to Islamics have rendered us clear targets for radicals posing as moderates. That’s just the way they want it. And, of all places, amid the very Army that is sworn to protect our nation from people like Nadil Malik Hasan, a respected medical doctor, a counselor for the mentally disturbed, educated moderate Muslim, nice gentleman, and incidentally, mass murderer.

Soldiers who witnessed the shooting rampage have reported that Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) before opening fire. That’s the familiar death scream mouthed by Islamic radicals the moment they embark on another exercise in killing innocent people en masse. He also handed out a few copies of the Holy Koran before the shooting.

People will say his religion had nothing to do with it. To those folks who live in La La Land, may I suggest: Open your eyes, it’s all around us, the evidence is overwhelming. Information is out there in scores of in-depth books and articles by scholars, historians and experts that undeniably reveal radical Islam as not only a fundamentalist religion, it is a powerful, immovable ideology that has been hell-bent on world domination for 1400 years, a form of government with its own set of laws: Shariah, that indoctrinates babies from birth and teaches bigotry and hate.

With radical Islam, there is a blurred line between religion and government, and we should not lose sight of that. Nazism was an ideology, so is fascism, so is hard-core communism, so is radical Islam. So, let’s erase the religion aspects from our heads and get real. We are at war, not with a nation with borders, but with an ideology than spans many nations, including our own.

Early on, much like the 9/11 terrorists, the government had information that Mr. Hasan might be a nut case. In deference to “correctness,” nothing was done. How many more are out there?

Consider three facts: First, he was Muslim, born of Palestinian parents. Like it or not, that should be worthy of a close watch within our own military. Sorry. That’s a truism.

Second, after our U.S. tax dollars put him through graduate and post graduate medical school, he whined about having to serve his time in the Army, and had told a number of people he didn’t believe the Iraq war was justified and excoriated the nation that he was serving. His message clearly raised a red flag about his degree of loyalty.

Third, six months before the shootings, the Army and law enforcement investigated this man because he had authored web postings that were of the mind of a radical.

Regarding suicide bombers, he wrote: “To say that this soldier committed suicide is inappropriate. It’s more inappropriate to say he is a brave hero that sacrificed his life for a more noble cause. Scholars have paralleled this to suicide bombers whose intention, by sacrificing their lives, is to help save Muslims by killing enemy soldiers.”

What was this guy still doing in the Army? Besides, they were about to deploy him to Iraq, where his job was to counsel and treat soldiers with mental problems? Are we that hard up for psychiatrists?

 If folks would dare to delve, they’d learn that radical Muslims often pose as, and can easily be mistaken as “moderates” because that’s part of the strategy written in the war plan of the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most powerful extremist organization in the world, with strong ties to CAIR, and other subversive Muslim groups in the U.S. Written in their manifesto:

The process of settlement (of Islam in the United States) is a “Civilization- Jihadist” process. The Ikhwan (brothers) must understand that all their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging their miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all religions.

Is that not a declaration of war? And they have the resources to carry it out. Part of the strategy is to infiltrate the infrastructure of our country, including schools, prisons, law enforcement, military and the government itself. I’m not making it up, it’s all documented. And we’re letting it happen, we Americans who are in dangerous denial, we Americans with our proverbial heads in the sand.

The 9/11 terrorists all posed as moderates in America prior to the attack.

Some of the train bombers in the London attacks of 2005, were highly educated men, some doctors, who lived as Muslim “moderates.”

The on-going problem of honor killings by fathers and husbands all over the world, numbering in the multi-thousands, including many in the U.S., were committed by Islamists who we might otherwise consider “moderates.”

The grizzly beheading of a woman this year near Buffalo, New York, was committed by a well-respected Muslim who actually founded a television station to promote moderate Muslim awareness. The woman dishonored him by wanting a divorce. (Ironically, his name was Hassan)

In 2003, who would have known that Army Sergeant Asan K. Akbar was a radical until the day he threw a grenade into a tent occupied by his comrades in uniform, killing two and wounding seventeen others.

The multi-thousands of terror attacks around the world, killing innocents by the millions — many Muslims included — have one common denominator: Islam.

It’s ideal to think that the military does not, and should not, discriminate against enlistees based on religion. But it’s also idiocy. Why? For the reasons stated above, regarding “moderates” and “ideology.” Remember, it is not just a religion.

Two years ago, I was giving a library lecture about my book on Militant Islam, when a young American man, who works at a local furniture store, raised his hand. He said he was a Muslim convert, and accused me of lying. I asked him one question: “Sir, do you ever pledge allegiance to the American Flag?”

His reply. “No, never. My only allegiance is to my God.” Nuff said.

It’s time for the armed forces to begin stricter screening of service members who identify as Muslims. Not nice, maybe, but I’m sure it would put the rest of our service personnel at ease.

If anything good could come of this, it may help to end the era of political correctness. If not, it may begin the era of political suicide.

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